COPE folks setting up the office (585 East Broadway)….

Terry Martin (Exec member and carpenter), Jason Lee (Tech) Carlo Bodrogi (Sign Captain), Rachel Marcuse (Co-Manager), Taka Kimeda (Intern) and Ivan Bulic (Co-Manager)

Paul York (AKA Santa Claus of phones) and Kelly Read (Office Manager)

At the office opening….

Corbin Murdoch and the Nautical Miles

All of the candidates

Kate Van Meer Mass (Volunteer and Events Coordinato) and Lucas Schuller (COPE Exec member) with the Nautical Miles

COPE Candidates with COPE lawn signs. 

At the STAND for Housing….

Bill Saunders (VDLC), Al Blakey (School Trustee and Candiate), Imtiaz Popat (COPE Activist) and Rachel Marcuse (Campaign Co-Manager)

More at the housing rally. 

Loretta Woodcock (Park Board Trustee and Candidate), Don Davies (new NDP MP), Alvin Singh (School Trustee Candidate), Anita Romaniuk (Park Board Candidate)

A rainbow outside the office. We don’t think there’s a better omen that that! Kate Van Meer Mass (Volunteers and Events), David Cadman (Council Candidate), Rachel Marcuse (Campaign Co-Manager), Bill Bargeman (School Board Candidate). 

Part of the COPE Campaign Team

Our sign co-captain, Brent Granby’s kids at a house in East Van. 

Candidates and volunteers burmashaving on the Burrard Bridge. 

Volunteers at our phone bank. 

Ryan, volunteering athe office in his hockey gear. 

Dave, testing out "COPE Radio."

Gregor Robertson, Ellen Woodsworth and David Cadman at "COPEtemporary".

Watching musicians upstairs at COPEtemporary.

Photos from Hope in Shadows. Proceeds were split between COPE and Pivot Legal. 

Folks — including Vision’s Heather Deal, Mike Lombardi and some representation from the firefighters — chatting at COPEtemporary.


Charlie Demers, COPEtemporary’s MC for the evening. 

Laughing at one of the MC’s transit-related jokes.


MLA’s David Chudnovsky and Jenny Kwan. 

Corbin Murdoch and the Nautical Miles.

A crowd at the sold out event. 

"Company B" who closed the show at COPEtemporary.

Ellen Woodsworth being interviewed by Fairchild TV.

David Cadman with Hospital Employees Union members at the "Living Wage" event. 

Alvin Singh (COPE School Board candidate), Raj Hundal (Vision Park Board candidate), Loretta Woodcock (COPE Park Board candidate), Kashmir Dhaliwal (Vision Council candidate) with a supporter. 

Loretta Woodcock (COPE Park Board candidate), Don Davies (MP Elect) and Arminder Jasper.













Ellen Woodsworth has the support of our city’s firefighters.














School Board candidate Bill Bargeman hears from a young mother at 4th and Vine. COPE’s Free Bus and young performers are in the background.

The women of COPE and Vision. 




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