Former COPE councillor Anne Roberts (who some had hoped would take a run at the position herself) is enthusiastically supporting the idea of UBC Urban Design program chair Patrick Condon as a unity candidate for Mayor in this fall’s civic election. The Georgia Straight’s Carlito Pablo seems to agree, saying that “Nobody is perhaps more qualified to run the city” than Condon, but he overstates the current level of commitment from COPE as our members have not yet had an opportunity to respond to the idea. Some Executive members have been meeting with Condon to see how closely his ideas mesh with our own, and the relationship will become clearer after our Policy Conference this coming weekend. Later on, our Nominating Conference will decide whether or not to run a candidate of our own or to join with others in endorsing Condon or some other unity candidate.

All COPE members are encouraged to keep tabs on any potential candidates and to pass on opinions and suggestions to

Patrick Condon for Mayor?