Freezing fees for youth and seniors, and increasing childcare and pre-school park programs are among the highlights of COPE’s 2008 parks platform that was released today by incumbent park Commissioner Loretta Woodcock and park board candidate, and former park board chairperson, Anita Romaniuk.

"With Vancouver becoming more densely populated, we will work to have green space for all people in order to enjoy: recreation, community gardens, and urban wildlife," said Woodcock. "This approach notes the importance of green space for cleansing the air we breathe, and cleaning the water that percolates into the inlet and creeks and rivers."

On the long-standing issue of Hastings Park, Romaniuk says "COPE supports the continued greening of Hastings Park, while retaining the cultural heritage of the site, and linking Hastings Park to New Brighton Park."

Other highlights of COPE’s park policy include:

–  Letting the community decide what amenities go into their community centres

–  Rebuilding inadequate community centres, rinks, pools and other recreation centres

–  Keeping existing concession stands and encouraging more sustainable and healthy food choices

–  Increasing arts, culture, concerts, and access to wireless internet in community centres and parks.

For full details on COPE’s park policy go to:

Parks for Everyone: COPE releases 2008 parks platform

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