“ Marty Zlotnik can’t see the forest for the tees,” said COPE Vancouver Park Commissioner Loretta Woodcock.

Woodcock was referring to NPA Park Commissioner Zlotnik’s  proposal to trade public park land in the Pacific Spirit Park  to keep the existing status of the privately owned University Golf Course. Zlotnick proposed the land swap  after reports that land claims negotiations  may give control of the tony Point Grey golf course  to the Musqueam First Nations.

Woodcock and COPE Commissioner Spencer Herbert will submit a motion to the next meeting of the Vancouver Park Board on September 17 asking the Board to adopt a position to protect and preserve Pacific Spirit Park,  and have the City of Vancouver  send that same message to Metro Vancouver’s  Park Committee.

Formerly the GVRD Park Committee, the Metro Vancouver Park Committee is made up of elected representatives from member municipalities, and oversees regional parks including Pacific Spirit Park in the University Endowment Lands. Vancouver’s representative on the Metro Park Committee is NPA Cllr Elizabeth Ball.

“Following recent public proposals  by  Commissioner Zlotnik to offer up part of Pacific Spirit Park as part of the UBC golf course negotiations, I have been inundated with emails and calls from Vancouver residents asking why the Vancouver Park Board is not opposing the giveaway of public park land situated along its borders,” said Woodcock.

“Pacific Spirit is a cherished part of the public park system in Vancouver and throughout Metro Vancouver. It should not be used as a bargaining chip by Zlotnik or anyone else.”

Woodcock, a former board member of  the Pacific Spirit Park Society, has long been concerned about preserving the ecological integrity of urban park and greenspace.

Park not bargaining chip for UBC golf course, say COPE's Woodcock and Herbert

One thought on “Park not bargaining chip for UBC golf course, say COPE's Woodcock and Herbert

  • December 1, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    A federal goemnrvent grant of $1 million trumped the results of a prolonged public consultation process that the Vancouver Park Board conducted on the selection of preferred sites in the east and west side of Vancouver for the installation of two synthetic turf fields. As liaison to the Field Sport Federation, COPE commissioner Loretta Woodcock worked with Vision Park Board Chair Aaron Jasper and long time field advocate NPA Ian Robertson in dialoging with field user groups to call a special committee meeting and subsequent extra-ordinary park board meeting on February 8 to come to consensus on which two fields to install by March 31, 2010. The final decision resulted in the selection of west field at Jericho and the southwest field at Memorial park. Added benefit will be the rebuilding of a running track at Memorial Oval. Park Board commissioners respect the public consultation process while at the same time increasing the financial building capacity from $5.5 million to a total of $6.5 million for these new recreational amenities.


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