Homes for Everyone. Transit for Everyone. Neighbourhoods for Everyone.

A Vancouver for Everyone.

Parks for Everyone.
Some highlights:

* Let the community decide what ammenities go into their community centres.

* Rebuild or renovate inadequate community centres, rinks, pools and other recreation centres.

* Provide more childcare and pre-school programs in Park Board facilities.

* Call for a freeze on recreation and facilities fees for youth and seniors.

* Keep existing concession stands and encourage more sustainable and healthy food choices.

* Increase arts, culture, concerts, and access to wireless internet in community centres and parks.


November 3, 2008 – Parks for Everyone

Category 1: Park Land, Natural Green Space and Playing Fields

With Vancouver becoming more densely populated, COPE Park Commissioners will work to have green space for all people in order to enjoy: recreation, community gardens, and urban wildlife. This approach notes the importance of green spae and plantings for cleansing the air we breathe, and cleaning and retaining the water that percolates through the ground into the inlet and creeks and rivers. Your COPE park Board will make policy for creative means to achieve these goals, such as rooftop gardens, boulevards and couryard plantings.

COPE will work with City Council to acquire more park space as the city is park-deficient in some areas. There is pressure n playing fields, a lack of dog-off leash areas, and desire in some areas to daylight creeks. COPE will endeavor to use innovative approaches to assemble more park space for Vancouver’s people and create a long-term plan to ensure adequate green space and sports fields for future generations.

COPE will work with residents of South Vancouver to make the shore of the Fraser River more accessible by creating a functional “river walk”.

Category 2: Infrastructure – Community Centres and Recreational Facilities

COPE supports improving the existing plan to rebuild or renovate aging and inadequate community centres, rinks, pools and other recreational facilities.

COPE Park Board candidates are in favour of allocating money in the current capital plan for Trout Lake Community Centre. COPE is seeking creative ways to finance both Olympic cost overruns and Trout Lake.

COPE supports the continued greening of Hastings Park, while retaining the cultural heritage of the site, and linking Hastings Park to New Brighton Park. COPE will work with the community on the replacement of the Hastings Community Centre.

COPE will work to keep the existing Mount Pleasant Pool open until funds can be raised to rebuild it, and will meet with members of the community to assess the possibility of arts groups using the existing building.

COPE strongly supports providing more skateboard and BMX facilities.

COPE will support expanding hours of operation in our community centres and recreation facilities.

COPE will work towards installing and winterizing more washrooms in or near parks, and the installation of appropriate lighting in parks to ensure the safety of users year-round.
Category 3: Programming

COPE supports providing more child care, and preschool education programs and facilities in Park Board facilities.

COPE will increase arts an culture activity in our parks by exploring the establishment of “arts market” similar to Farmer’s Markets.

COPE will keep recreational fees affordable and will reduce them where possible.

COPE will ensure that the Park Board recognize International Woen’s Rights Day and events/activities planned around it.

COPE will endeavor to create more programming that reflects Vancouver’s diverse population. This initiative will include the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Queer (LGBTQ) communities.

Category 4: Sustainability and Green Initiatives

COPE will establish longer leases for community gardens and farmers markets in city parks.
COPE will strive for Carbon Neutrality by working with City Council, staff and other key community groups and organizations on energy-saving initiatives.

COPE will increase public involvement on sustainability initiatives including:

* using bicycle and electric vehicles for park maintenance

* reduce energy use through timed light and heat provision in all Park Board facilities

* installing solar energy and geothermal heating and cooling and heat exchange between pools and rinks where possible

* more usable, artisan tree plantings and urban agriculture (community gardens, community orchards)

* composting toilets and neighbourhood composting facilities

* investigating the use of cob structures and structures made with excess Park Board wood

* indigenous platings

COPE will maintain our vital forested spaces by creating a “no tree removal policy” except where public safety is at risk.

COPE will work with Translink to assess transit that will make our parks and facilities accessible to Vancouver residents in the most sustainable manner possible.

COPE will reinstate an Ethical Purchasing Policy (similar to the one adopted in April 2004), which will include buying fair-trade and organic condiments and food for concession stands and buying fair-trade work clothing, such as overalls.

COPE will work towards using far more environmentally sustainable products for use in city parks and facilities and greatly increase the recycling capacity in the parks system.

COPE will assess the use of bottled water to come up with less wasteful and healthier ways of providing drinking water, such as public drinking fountains.

Category 5: Maintaining Affordable, Accessible and Centrally Provisioned Concessions in Our Parks

A COPE Park Board will retain the existing concesion stand, small contractor model and encourage more sustainable and healthy food choices through the existing Park Board food provisions system. This will ensure that the affordable “takeout” aspect of the concessions is preserved. It will also make food choices in our parks more healthy an ecologically sustainable.

Category 6: Public Consultation

COPE will facilitate greater level of public involvement and consultation. As densification takes place, people need to have a voice in determining what amenities are added to their neighbourhoods along with the new developments, such as the neighbourhood around Hastings Park.

COPE will explore introducing a referendum on the Aquarium keeping cretaceans in captivity.

COPE will introduce policy and work with the Park Board information staff to create effective, representative methods of e-polling (to track the Park Board user’s satisfaction and gauge citizen’s opinions), blogging and other innovative ways of gauging feedback and input to improve Vancouver Parks and Recreation areas and facilities. This process of consultation will be facilitated by no-cost wireless hotspots in all community centres.

Park Board Policy