"I am pleased to declare the dinosaurs extinct in Stanley Park,” said COPE Park Commissioner Spencer Herbert.

In a closed door briefing tonight, Vancouver Park Commissioners decided to shelve a proposal to bring 25 to 30 large robotic dinosaurs into Stanley Park.

The idea for putting big plastic dinosaurs in Stanley Park arose last summer following conversations between NPA Park Commissioner Heather Holden and Sonny Wong, a principle with Dinosaurs Unearthed, a Vancouver-based company that produces animatronic exhibits.

“I’m glad that most of the other Commissioners decided we didn’t need a Jurassic Stanley Park, and that this Flintstones like proposal has been sent back in the time machine it arrived in,” said Herbert.

The proposal to put plastic dinosaurs in Stanley Park was met with almost universal public chagrin and opposition when it was announced on September 28.

One Vancouver resident called the plan “the third worst idea the parks board has come up with (after the Great Penis Tower in Queen E park and the Great Golf Course Swap). Why not model them (the dinosaur models) after yourselves: Tyrannosaurus Zlotnikus, Holdenaraptor, Houghtonasaurus, etc. Political dinosaurs all.”

Park Board declares Stanley Park dinos extinct.