Vancouver COPE Park Commissioner Loretta Woodcock wants the Park Board to recognize the historic accomplishments of women by celebrating International Women’s Day.

Woodcock is submitting a motion for the March 10 Park Board meeting calling for the Board to partner with the city’s 23 community centre associations and community organizations in planning a city-wide International Women’s Day event. A similar motion by Woodcock in 2006 was voted down by the NPA majority on the Board.

"The Park Board already partners with community centres and environmental, arts, cultural and recreational groups to celebrate the diversity of Vancouver residents in events like  Chinese New Year, the Dragonboat Festival, Vaisakhi and Diwali, the Pride Parade, Vancouver Youth Week, National Aboriginal Day, Multi-cultural Day, and Remembrance Day," said Woodcock. "Surely we can do the same to mark the one day that recognizes more than 50 percent of the population."

When Woodcock moved her previous motion, NPA Commissioner Heather Holden called it "silly and out of the scope of the Park Board" (Van Courier,Mar 10, 2006), while NPA Commissioner Korina Houghton asked "why isn’t there an international dog day?" (Globe&Mail, Mar 11, 2006). NPA Commissioners claimed that celebrating International Women’s Day would cost too much and would promote "a special interest group" (Globe&Mail, Mar 11, 2006).

"I am hoping that over the past two years, NPA commissioners have reflected on their position about planning for some form of celebration of International Women’s Day," said Woodcock. "I would hope that they have become more enlightened as to the historical and societal significance that March 8 has for women everywhere  and that they will now approve this new  motion and send  a positive message that the Vancouver Park Board understands that International Women’s Day deserves the greatest of respect."

Park Board again asked to recognize International Women's Day.

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