The commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the
On to Ottawa Trek takes place this coming Sunday, June 6,  1:00 pm  at
Crab Park.

The day has been officially proclaimed a  "Day to
Honour the Heritage of the 1935 On to Ottawa Trek"  by the City of
Vancouver,  the memorial marking the site of the start of the Trek will
be unveiled,  and Mr. Ken Hoggarth,  a 92 year old veteran of the relief
camps and the trek  will be there to share his memories of those
times.  Libby Davies and Jim Sinclair will speak,  there will be a
send-off to the 2010 homelessness trek delegation,  great music,  and an
old-style soup kitchen. 

Park is at the north end of Main Street,  Vancouver.  There is limited
parking available,  but your best bet if possible is to take the bus to
Hastings and Main and walk north to the park.

On to Ottawa Trek Commmemoration

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