The City of Vancouver created an Action Plan for becoming the world’s Greenest city by 2020, recognizing that green spaces play crucial roles in supporting people’s health — particularly for children — by creating critical connections with nature.

Commissioner Loretta Woodcock, the Park Board liaison to the Stanley Park Ecology Society, is co-sponsoring a public discussion on the important role nature plays in the health of children. The public forum entitled ‘ Nurturing the Health of Children through Nature’ will take place at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown on August 29 at 2 PM.

Featured panelists will include:

Becs Hoskins, Executive Director of the Child Nature Alliance, whose goal is to define a Canadian movement to reconnect children and families to nature. The Alliance works closely with its sister organization in the USA, famed educator and writer Richard Louv’s ‘Children & Nature Network’, in building bridges with the health sector.

Dr Randall White, MD, and Psychiatrist at St Paul’s Hospital, will relate the human bond with nature and its benefits to mental and physical health.

Dr Aimee Taylor, registered horticultural therapist and soil science, PhD., currently works as the horticultural therapist at the George Pearson Centre for disabled adults and at a long term facility for seniors with dementia. She is the founder of the Little Green Lunch program for children aged 3-5 and is involved in the creation of a culinary herb and teaching garden at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre.

Alana Bliss, a student in Ecopsychology at Quest University, has participated in research groups to Borneo to reconnect younger generations with the tropical rainforest.

Kristine Webber, Executive Director of the Young Naturalists Club and a WildBC facilitator, will be talking about the disconnection from the natural world urban children are experiencing and concerns about a generation of children ill prepared to address the myriad of environmental challenges currently facing the planet.

Roger Keyes, Public Programs Manager, Stanley Park Ecology Society will speak on wildlife recreational programs for youth in Stanley Park.

The public are encouraged to attend and learn about nature programs available for kids in and around Vancouver

Nurturing Children's Health Through Nature — a Public Forum moderated by Loretta Woodcock

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