On December 12, Vancouver City Council will hold a public hearing on the future of 12 city-owned housing sites.

In the report going to Council, city planners say there is enough residential hotel replacement housing to justify lifting the Bylaw and allow some hotel rooms to become condos in 2008.

NPA Mayor Sam Sullivan claims that 2212 new homes will be developed in the next four years not
including the new homes potentially developed on 12 city owned sites. But only 694 of those new units will be affordable to people on welfare – less than a third of Sullivan’s claims.

According to the City’s Housing Policy, we need 800 additional new homes a year to get a handle on homelessness.

So far the Downtown East Side has lost 561 homes in 2007 to evictions. Half of these may be replaced after 2010, but for now, they must be counted as a loss of stock.

Why is Sullivan making the housing picture look rosy when the real picture is bleak? Sullivan includes conversions or renovated rooms like the 10 hotels bought by the Province (855) in his count. He also claims assisted living suites (283), shelters (97) and homes rented at downtown market rates or with shallow subsidy (283) as new social housing projects and initiatives.

For more information on preparing for the December 12 Public Hearing, contact Wendy Pedersen at: wpedersen@look.ca.

NPA Council to convert low-cost housing to condos.

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