"There is not one iota of political difference between Peter Ladner and Sam Sullivan," said COPE Cllr David Cadman. "Their voting record on all the big issues over the past three years at City Council has been identical."

Cadman was commenting on NPA Cllr Ladner’s winning the NPA mayoral nomination over incumbent Mayor Sullivan. In his victory speech Ladner said he will continue to support Sullivan’s policies that include controversial initiatives such as Civil City, and the Sullivan’s copyrighted Eco-Density Charter.

"The NPA may be divided by this internal power struggle, but they are united in pushing an extreme agenda that has seen a huge spike in taxes for ordinary homeowners, the number of homeless increase, and housing affordability slip beyond the reach of young people and working families," said COPE External Co-Chair Ellen Woodsworth.

"It’s very clear that the NPA have seen the numbers that show that together COPE and Vision can beat Sullivan and the NPA. But dumping Sullivan for Ladner will not change how people feel about the NPA’s bankrupt policies and agenda."

Recent polls by both Ladner and Sullivan show that, when combined, support for COPE and Vision Vancouver’s is greater than for the NPA. The numbers also indicate that Sullivan’s rating among voters has plummeted.

No difference between Ladner and Sullivan

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