What’s Happening with Negotiations

Many COPE members and supporters are
asking about the state of negotiations between COPE and Vision Vancouver. The
COPE Executive believe that the best chance of bringing back progressive
government to Vancouver
is to unite the anti-NPA forces. We have been working for months to create a principled
electoral coalition with Vision Vancouver.

This is what has happened since we
began to talk to Vision Vancouver, and where we are now in the negotiating

May 27, 2007:
COPE members elected a new Executive that was mandated to seek principled
electoral unity with Vision Vancouver.

July: COPE
forms a Negotiations Committee to begin talks with Vision.

August – October: Numerous contacts between the
two organizations, mainly initiated by COPE, when electoral unity was
discussed. COPE was prepared to sit down to formal negotiations. No such negotiations have taken place to

November 19:
COPE mailed Vision Vancouver a draft Framework
outlining a process for achieving electoral unity that included
the following key points:

1. A common platform on certain key
issues facing the city with each side retaining its independence on issues outside
the basic platform;

2. A joint mayoralty candidate;

3. No vote splitting on Council,
Parks and School slates;

4. A common election campaign that
engages all progressive sectors in Vancouver.

November 29:
Vision Vancouver
replied to COPE’s proposal by inviting COPE to support a Vision mayoral
nomination process.

December 11:
COPE sent a letter to Vision Vancouver reiterating the need for a joint mayoral
candidate and elaborating on the four points of the Framework Agreement, as
well as inviting the Vision Vancouver Executive to engage in formal

January 8, 2008: COPE held a press conference where the elements of the Framework
Agreement were publicized prior to Vision Vancouver’s AGM.

January 24:
COPE sent a letter to Vision Vancouver and asked their newly elected Executive
to enter into formal negotiations for a common electoral campaign based on the
Framework Agreement.

To date, we have not received a reply.

While we believe that COPE is acting
in the best interests of the city in seeking a principled coalition with Vision
Vancouver, and that our best chance of replacing the NPA is for all progressive
forces to work together, if no agreement is reached COPE is prepared to
nominate candidates for mayor, city council, park and school board in the
November 15 election.

Your COPE Executive have formed an
Election Planning Committee and will begin a candidate search process. With a
big influx of youthful energy and fresh ideas, COPE is actively building toward
the coming election.

This is an exciting time for COPE
and we thank you for your ongoing support!


Ellen Woodsworth, External
David Ages, Member-at-Large and Negotiating
Committee Chairperson


International Women’s Day Brunch
fundraiser for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre and COPE

Join Parks Board Commissioner,
Loretta Woodcock, at her home for a brunch in celebration of International
Women’s Day! Afterwards we will join the
International Women’s Day March.

What: Brunch for International Women’s Day

When: March 8, 9:30-11:30AM

Where: The home of Parks Board Commissioner, Loretta Woodcock

Why: To celebrate women of all ages doing work in politics and community. All funds go to the Downtown Eastside Women’s
Centre and the Coalition of Progressive Electors.

All ages and genders welcome!

Tickets are $10-20 (sliding scale).

Please contact Rachel at rachel@cope.bc.ca or 604-255-0400 for tickets
and more details.



Getting it Up for Vancouver!

On February 14th,
COPE elected and supporters handed out COPE condoms and "little blue candies"
at Waterfront Skytrain station to get commuters into the Valentine’s Day

This is an election
year, and they say "all is fair in love and politics."

Park Board Commissioners Loretta Woodock and Spencer Herbert at our Valentine's Day eventSo in keeping with
the election theme, the message on the condoms read: Protecting Vancouver from the Spread of Bad Ideas: Dinos in Stanley Park,
Cuts to Affordable Housing and Giant Towers in Queen
E Park
Be smart. Wear a condom. Vote COPE.

The custom condoms
were very popular and many commuters were seen to be chuckling down the road a
few metres away.

While COPE takes
politics very seriously, we also recognize the need to reach out to voters in
new and different ways.


COPE Salons

Want to support your COPE and your Vancouver?
Host a COPE salon!

Sharing a moment at COPE salonWe are currently looking for members
to hold COPE salons at their houses to reach out to Vancouver residents and maybe raise some
money in the process! A
"salon" can be as simple as a house party, film screening, or potluck
– it’s whatever you want it to be for your friends and your community. Best of
all, COPE will provide you support from membership forms to a little bit of
advertising (if you want it) and maybe even get some COPE elected to attend.
It’s a fun way for all of us to connect with Vancouverites in our communities.

For more info, please contact Rachel at rachel@cope.bc.ca or

Newsletter Feb 21, 2008

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