Congrats to Eva Nancy Trigueros who has been elected COPE’s first Latina co-chair and to COPE members for having chosen this vibrant and diverse group of committed activists to lead the party into the second 50 years of its life.newExec

Also elected to join Nancy, along with the ongoing exec members whose terms did not expire this year, are our new Recording Secretary Zachary Crispin, Sara Sagaii who was re-elected to a  second term as Membership Secretary, Connie Hubbs as Fundraiser, and five new Members-at-Large – Megumi Anderson, Darlene Bertholet, Joey Doyle, Beverly Ho, and Bill Hopwood.

All new members terms run for two years except for Joey who agreed to accept the recently vacated position which expires at the 2019 AGM.

The continuing elected members, whose terms expire at the 2019 AGM, are Co-Chair Rider Cooey, Treasurer Carol Jerde, Corresponding Secretary Aiden Sisler and Members-at-Large Riaz Behra, Ajantha (Sam) Dharmapala, Tristan Markle, and Esther Silva.

New COPE Executive Elected