The incumbent premier didn’t show up, but John Horgan and Andrew Weaver were there to address questions posed by the Metro Vancouver Alliance, such as:

  • Work with communities on a poverty reduction and commit to the elimination of CPP Disability clawhback from people on Disabilities assistance
  • Commit to increasing HandiDART service hours by 5% per year for the next four years
  • Commit to a broad-based primary health care partnership table and invest in new Community Health Centres to provide salaried team-based primary care
  • Spend $3 biillion per yeaar to build 10,ooo new affordable housing units each year for the next five years, and
  • Strengthen the Residential Tenancy Act to restrict unfair rent increases and renovictions.

Several COPE members were leafletting to remind attendees of the fact that COPE was pressing these issues in 2014 – being the first civic party to advocate for the $15 minimum wage for all city employees (including casuals), for the vacant property tax and for a true housing authority based on city owned property.

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