With the current economic crisis and the acknowledgement this week that Canada will be entering a recession, all levels of government, the City of Vancouver included, need to support maintaining jobs in Canada. I have submitted the following motion to be debated at the Oct.27 park board meeting at 7pm:

" Therefore be it resolved that the Vancouver Park Board direct staff to review and report on identifying opportunities to enhance the level of Canadian content in future purchases". The goal is to purchase goods & services that require a minimum of 50% Canadian content. The Oct.27 park board meeting takes place at 7pm at the park board office in Stanley Park (across from tennis courts). If anyone is interested in speaking to the following motion, then you can register yourself by calling 604-257-8451 to by 12noon on Oct.27. Feel free to phone me about speaking points: 604-377-3927.

Motion to "Buy Canadian" submitted for Oct.27 park board meeting

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