"We need more buses" was the common theme as COPE candidates were out working the 99B line.  We rolled out our transit policy, calling for more buses, U-pass for all post-secondary students, and a Free Bus loo0p to downtown and the Boradway Corridor between Main St and Burrard St.  Handing out both the CAW’s More Buses Now leaflets, and our Cope materials we talked to bus riders and rode the 99B line. We were there to listen more than to talk and took notes of people’s 99B line stories.  One woman from Burnaby told me she had got rid of her car a year and a half ago to take transit, but the service was so bad she is considering buying a car again.  It is clear transit must be a priority – our city cannot afford the environmental damage of driving the people (who can afford it) back to driving cars. 


More Buses Now!

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