This morning I was leafleting for the More Buses Now Campaign at Broadway & Commercial when I met a man who was layed-off from a decent-paying job and was now homeless.  He couldn’t pay his rent and ended up on the street, but was able to get into a shelter.  He had enough money to buy 10 bus tickets so he could get around the city and try to find something to get back on his feet.   That was a wake-up call – how many people are just that one step – one misfortune in their lives – away from being homeless.

This evening I attended a Park Board meeting where the NPA Commissioners voted unanimously against Loretta Woodcock’s motion on the Park Board adopting a "Buy Canadian" policy.  The motion, if passed, would have directed staff to look at revising Park Board purchasing policy to move towards 50% Canadian content and a "highest Canadian content" criteria.  NPA Commissioner Ian Robertson said that the current Park Board policy of "best value" should be retained.  NPA Commissioner Heather Holden said that this was a major shift in Park Board policy and should not be considered by a board that is coming to the end of its mandate. 

I am looking forward to a similar motion being introduced to a new, progressive Park Board composed of a majority of COPE, Vision, and Green Parks Commissioners.

Monday, October 27 – One Step to Homelessness, the NPA on Buy Canadian

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