At both Kits Farmers Market on Sunday and at the UBC Campus on Monday, I was asked by people if they were eligible to vote, and how they can do so.  If you are registered, you should get a voting card in the mail.  If you aren’t already registered, it is too late to pre-register.  However, you can still register to vote at the polls on November 15.

COPE has a link on this website – see "On Voting" in the sidebar to the left – that explains who is eligible to vote (residency rules) and what identification you need to take with you to the polls.  It also has a link to the City of Vancouver website, where you will find a list of polling places in the city where you can go to cast your vote.

The voter turnout in the recent federal election was very low – about 59% – but in municipal elections in Vancouver it is often much lower – just above 30%.   So many people are affected by our city governance – whether it is the housing crisis, public transit, safety, overcrowded classrooms, special needs children facing inadequate support, preserving and enhancing our green space, accessible and affordable recreation services, or many other issues – that we need to ensure that we elect a progressive Council, School Board, and Park Board. 

If you’re not already registered to vote, please click on that "On Voting" sidebar and see how you can still vote for a Vancouver For Everyone!

Monday, October 20 – On Voting

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