Thanksgiving is a statuatory holiday in Canada.  Many of us spend it with families and friends.  We are thankful that we have family and friends – and I am especially thankful this year that my brother in Winnipeg has come through his treatment for esophagal cancer and so far is cancer-free.  We are also thankful that we live in Canada, a country that is wealthy compared to the rest of the world.  We need to be reminded that we have a responsibility to those who live in poverty, whether they live in another country or right here in Vancouver, where we shamefully have people who are homeless and children who are disadvantaged in life from the beginning.  We also have a responsibility to be better stewards of the planet we live on.

Tuesday October 14 is the date of the federal election in Canada.  We should also be thankful that we live in a democracy and we get to choose who represents us in government.  In Vancouver, we – along with Cultus Lake – are unique in Canada because we not only elect a city council and school board, but we also elect our Board of Parks and Recreation.  The writers of the Vancouver Charter believed that parks and recreation facilities were so important to our quality of life that the people of Vancouver should elect the representatives who make the decisions on Park Board.  I agree. 

Please remember to vote in the federal election on October 14.  If you live in the provincial constituencies of Vancouver-Fairview or Vancouver-Burrard, you can vote in by-elections to elect MLA’s on October 29.  And please get involved in our city elections on November 15 – we CAN return a progressive government of COPE, Vision,a dn the Greens on Council, School Board, and Park Board!

Monday, October 13 – Thanksgiving and Democracy