Minutes (Draft)

For the Executive Committee meeting of the Coalition of Progressive Electors

Saturday, May 10th , 2020 •  Online Zoom Meeting

CALL TO ORDER – 19:00 pm

Attending: Nancy Trigueros, Tristan Markle, Jean Swanson, Barb Parrott, Megumi Anderson, Bev Ho, Bill Hopwood, Darlene Bertholet, Gio HoSang, John Irwin, Connie Hubbs, Rocco Trigueros, Vincent Tao, Nadia Revelo



  2. Overview
  3. Adoption

Be it resolved that the agenda be adopted.


  1. Report from Jean Swanson: Currently 70% of purpose built rental housing stock is protected from being demolished for condos by the ‘Rental Housing Stock Official Development Plan’https://vancouver.ca/files/cov/bulletin-rental-housing-stock-odp.pdf If demolished, they have to be replaced one for one by rental. This protection is not provided for rental units in C2 Zone which are mainly on artelials (but not all of the rental on artelials). 377 rental buildings in Vancouver are located in C2 Zones and are therefor not protected. Landlords can demolish rental housing in C2 Zones and build condos which are much more profitable. Jean got an amendment passed to extend the protection of the Rental Housing Stock Official Development Plan to rentals in C2. In response, the Urban Development Institute and Landlord BC immediately sent letters  in protest. They asked that the vote be rescinded and lobbied for this to be done. Mayor Stewart responded with a motion to rescind Jean’s amendment. A 2/3 in favour vote is required to rescind a motion. Greens and Christine may vote with Jean. Should we bring forward a motion on the Mansion Tax? Repurpose the School Tax revenue to address homelessness? Mobilize supporters?
  2. School Board Report from Barb Parrott:  “Moved by B. Parrott, seconded by J. Reddy, that the VSB commend the Provincial Government and the City of Vancouver on their announcement to find acceptable housing for the occupants at Oppenheimer Park, and That we look forward to the Government and the City of Vancouver urgently working towards finding rooms for the rest of Vancouver’s unhoused people so that they will have the same opportunity for self-isolation and maintaining personal hygiene.” Following discussion, trustees voted on the motion. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY 4 Parent complaints re her stance on Strathcona. More than 60 parents responded favourably. VSB meeting weekly discussing part time return of students to the classroom. Special needs back already. No report. Barb asked to send the letter with motion  to Shane Simpson
  3. Park Board Report by John Irwin:  Langara Golf Course is open along with other courses. Tennis and pickle ball are all open. Gwen and John have some concerns re opening. Are we maintaining social distance Re Oppenheimer Those homeless were housed but not the 1500-1700 homeless in streets outside Oppenheimer. Park Board originally closed road in Stanley Park under the Emergency Provisions under COVID. John will put Motion re keeping some restrictions on vehicular traffic in Stanley Park post pandemic coming up. Motion is co sponsored with Greens. Question from Barb re shutting down traffic on Hastings to allow residents of DTES  to socially distance. Jean responded that a motion was coming up on that topic at the next Council Meeting.
  4. COPE Environment Working Group Connie reports focus on transit and solidarity with Enviro NGOs.
  5. Question to Jean from Gio re collecting COVID data in the black and other racialized groups. Will follow up

Solidarity discusses relations, activities, and connections with mass Movements — especially regarding the COVID-19 crisis.

Nancy re necessity to build a movement to support Mansion Tax  and other progressive initiatives.. Some good outreach to unions already happening.

Question from Megumi re spreading word re CBC.



  1. Executive Report –Financial Report Nancy re  COPE Revenues- Shared Monthly Financial report

5.Motion to resolve Tim Louis’ debt claim: Moved bu the Co-Chairs Seconded by Jean Swanson


  • Tim Louis (the “lender”) has provided COPE with a spreadsheet indicating a series of interest-free loans from the lender to COPE between 2002 and 2006, including two (2) for $5,000 in 2002, two (2) for $5,000 in 2006, and one (1) for $6,000 in 2006 for a total of $26,000;
  • To our knowledge, neither parties made written agreements about the nature of these transactions, or any terms of repayment, at the time (between 2002 – 2006);
  • Since 2009, COPE has repaid about $13,000 to the lender;
  • COPE executive recently approved a $50.00/month increase (from $50/month to $100/month) to our repayment, effective April 1, 2020;
  • The lender has requested an additional acceleration to the repayment schedule;
  • $7,200 is about 20% of COPE’s total projected 2020 revenues; and,
  • Both COPE and the lender need legal certainty re: amounts and obligations.

Therefore be it resolved that:

  • COPE’s co-chairs will work with the lender to prepare a legal agreement, to be vetted by COPE’s legal advisors, outlining a resolution to the situation, including a mutually acceptable final repayment schedule, mutual obligations, and how they will be met, to be signed by both parties. Terms may include:
  • A one-time payment from COPE to the lender of up to $6,000.00 in addition to annual payments of $1200.00 (or $100/month)
  • The lender’s guarantee that they will not seek any further changes to the repayment schedule
  • A recognition that COPE is relatively small non-profit society;
  • The final agreement will be brought back to the COPE Executive for ratification before signing; and,
  • The aim is to have the document signed by both parties by July 1st, and if that is the case, the one-time payment will be made by July 1, 2020, and the annual payments would also be made each year until the loan is paid in full.

Moved by Megumi Anderson seconded by Connie Hubbs that the monthly payment that is currently $1200.00/year be increased to $2400/year

Amendment Defeated

Motion Passes

  1. Motion to contract Bookkeeping Services from Zoila Martinez at the fee of $25.00 Bills per hour for up to 4 hours per month. Moved by Nancy Trigueros Seconded by John Irwin

Note: Zoila has done bookkeeping services for legal firms and a large development company.

Motion Passes 

  1. Motion to call a special Equity meeting in the following weeks as requested in our last AGM. This meeting will call to form an Equity working Group. Moved by Nancy Trigueros Seconded by Gio HoSang

Motion Passes 

Rocco, Gio and Nadia will work on planning the Equity Meeting

Tristan suggested that a planning group be also formed for advocating the Mansion Tax. Rocco volunteered to help with this work.

  1. ADJOURNMENT. Be it resolved that the meeting adjourn.