Vancouver COPE Cllr David Cadman wants to know what impact building up to six solid waste  incinerators will  have on the health and air quality of people living in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

“We know that burning garbage releases toxic materials including hydrogen chloride, nitric oxide, lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury and chromium – all of which can be serious health hazards,” said Cadman.  “And we also know that pollutants released by incinerators in Metro Vancouver would drift east over the Fraser Valley and impact a sensitive air-shed that already suffers from severe air pollution.”

Last January, Metro (formerly the GVRD) Vancouver’s Waste Management Committee decided to look at  building up to six giant waste-to-energy incinerators across the Lower Mainland that would burn up to 1.5 million tonnes of garbage. Vancouver Cllr Peter Ladner is the city’s representative on Metro’s Waste Committee.

In a motion going to Vancouver council next Tuesday, Cadman wants Metro to conduct an independent health and environmental study of the impacts of  incinerating garbage. He also wants to hear from the public before any decisions are made  on building garbage incinerators.

“So far there has been no public consultation and very little information about this scheme,” said Cadman. “Meanwhile there is considerable lobbying of individual mayors and councillors going on by companies that want build and operate garbage burners.

“We know what happened the last time someone tried to ram a similar project through in the Fraser Valley when the City of Abbotsford and local residents said no to SE2.  We don’t want Metro Vancouver repeating that same mistake.”

To see the Cllr Cadman’s full  motion, go to:

Metro Vancouver garbage incinerators could be health hazard, says Cadman