Pump up the Volume: Vancouver’s Only Street Paper Refreshes Look – Apr 4th

Have you heard us yet? Vancouver’s only street paper is turning up the volume in the battle against homelessness with a new name, reinvigorated design and a party to show off its new look. As of next issue, the Street Corner will be called Megaphone.

The first issue of Megaphone will hit the streets on Friday, April 4th and will be available to purchase from one of 10 vendors across the city. An art auction will be held the same night at Gallery Gachet (88 E. Cordova) to celebrate the relaunch and act as a fundraiser for the paper. Editor Sean Condon says Megaphone will give homeless and low-income people more than an employment opportunity.

"There are a lot of people in Vancouver who need a voice," says Condon. "This city is undergoing a lot of changes and while some people are benefiting, a lot are being left behind. Megaphone will be a way to get those voices heard."

Sold on the street by homeless and low-income vendors, Megaphone will cover a broad range of issues. While the bi-weekly paper will stay true to its roots by raising awareness about homelessness and poverty, Megaphone will also focus on issues that affect the entire city – from municipal politics and the Olympics to local arts and entertainment. The paper will also feature articles, stories and poems by Megaphone vendors and Downtown Eastside residents.

"We want Megaphone to get people from different communities talking to each other," says Condon. "By producing a high-quality and informative paper, we can appeal to a broad range of readers and help the city connect and support the vendors who sell the paper."

Megaphone’s mandate is to provide a low-threshold employment opportunity to low-income people while building grassroots support for ending homelessness and poverty. The number of vendors has grown from three to more than 10 in the past year. Condon hopes that number will triple by next year.

The paper’s monthly circulation is around 4,000, which puts about $8,000 a month towards supporting homeless or low-income vendors. The paper also has a social networking group on Facebook with over 200 members.

The relaunch party at Gallery Gachet will feature art from Downtown Eastside artists, as well as past and present Street Corner contributors, including award-winning artists Elaine Briere, Lung Liu and Hanna Bowman. The event will be held as a silent auction with half the proceeds going to Megaphone and the other half to the artist. The fundraiser will have music, food and drinks and give people a chance to meet the paper’s vendors and staff.

Megaphone launch party:

Gallery Gachet (88 E. Cordova) – Friday, April 4th
7 pm to midnight – $5-$20 suggested donation

For more information contact:

Sean Condon – 778-835-4440 or email <mailto:sean@streetcorner.ca>sean@streetcorner.ca

From: "Anette Anette" <anette@streetcorner.ca>

Megaphone launch party

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