COPE Nomination Conference Sunday June 10, 2018.

Date and Time: Sunday June 10, 2018 – 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm    (Registration opens at 1:00 pm.)

Location: Holy Trinity Anglican Church (Upstairs Hall) 1440 12th Ave. West, Vancouver

At our Nominating Conference, the Election Planning Committee will recommend how many candidates the Society will nominate and endorse to run for each of Mayor, Council, Park Board and School Board.  The Voting Membership shall, by simple majority vote, either:

a) approve one or more of the Election Planning Committee’s recommendations; or

b) to the extent that a recommendation of the Election Planning Committee is not approved, approve a motion from the floor.

NOMINATIONS:  A candidate’s name may be included on a Nomination Ballot provided:

  1. A completed application of intention to run is received by COPE no later than 15 days prior to the Nominating Conference
  2. The candidate meets and has signed off on the eligibility requirements listed below
  3. The candidate has submitted nomination papers signed by 10 COPE Voting Members in good standing
  4. The candidate has been vetted and approved by the Election Planning Committee.

Anyone interested in making or seeking a nomination should send an email asap to

Please Note that as per COPE Bylaws, to be eligible for nomination, a candidate must:

(a) be a member in good standing,

(b) be legally entitled to run for civic office,

(c) be a current or former resident of the City of Vancouver, and

(d) pledge his or her support for the policies and purposes of the Society.

N.B. One (1) position on each slate shall be reserved for an Aboriginal candidate. AND

No more than 50 percent male-identified candidates may be elected on a single slate

In order to vote at a General Meeting you must be a COPE Member in good standing a minimum of 30 days prior.

So for the June 10 Nominating Conference the deadline to join is May 10, 2018.  If uncertain as to your status contact our Membership Secretary, or just click here to renew your membership now.


Coming Up!

Mark your calendars to celebrate COPE’s 50th Anniversary at the Vancouver Rowing Club on Thursday June 26, 2018

Food, Friends, Music, Memories and Celebration!  Meet your COPE candidates!     Tickets and information to come.

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