Today, Mayor Robertson committed to delaying a public hearing on the
controversial STIR residential project on Comox St in the West End,
committing instead “to first identify key planning priorities, issues
and community needs” through a “special advisory” process.

According to COPE Councillor Woodsworth, “I am pleased that the
Mayor is bowing to pressure from the West End community and COPE to
have a consultation process before proceeding with a spot rezoning of
this high rise complex. However, residents were clear in the petition
signed by over 9,000 people that what they want is a halt to all spot
rezonings until there is a full, transparent, accountable planning
process that works for their community.”
Woodsworth is concerned
that The Mayor’s West End Advisory Committee, which will be made up of
12 individuals from the West End, is a far cry from the community
engagement she called for earlier this year.
Woodsworth continues, “neighbourhoods across the city from Dunbar to
Grandview Woodlands to Norquay to the West End have said they want a
Vancouver for everyone where they can be engaged in the planning
process. A handpicked group of twelve
representatives is not sufficient consultation.”
The West End,
while the densest neighbourhood in the city, has not had a community
visioning process to determine community amenity needs and priorities in
over 20 years. 

Mayor Robertson’s plan for West End consultation not good enough