Today the City of Vancouver’s Development Permit Board (DPB) is meeting to consider final approval of a new mega-casino at BC Place. The new casino will be twice the floor space (72,000 square feet) as the older Edgewater Casino (36,697 square feet) at the Plaza of Nations.

Mayor Robertson and his Vision Vancouver team approved this new larger casino in April 2011, before the last municipal election. At that time Robertson’s public statements against “casino expansion” created the impression that the new mega-casino was not approved, when in fact it was approved. Vision’s success in the 2011 election was based in part on its supposed opposition to the new mega-casino.

“Before the last election, Gregor Robertson and his Vision politicians created the public impression that they stopped the new mega-casino at BC Place. But tonight City Hall is set to rubber stamp the final approval of the new mega-casino, which will be twice as large physically as the older casino at the Plaza of Nations. Gregor Robertson and Vision have misled the people of Vancouver,” said COPE’s External Chair Tim Louis.

“The Mayor and Vision’s trick was to delay approving a greater number of slot machines and gambling tables to fill the new larger mega-casino until the building has been constructed. My guess is they’ll have a little ‘consultation’ and then approve the new machines and tables after the mega-casino is built and sitting there half-empty. This is cynical politics at its worst,” Louis said.

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Mayor Robertson misled the public regarding mega-casino