Notice of COPE 2008 Annual General Meeting

The Annual
General Meeting of the Coalition of Progressive Electors will be held at
2 pm on Sun, June 01. COPE members in
good standing shall choose a new Executive board, consider amending COPE’s
membership by-law, and deal with other matters as approved by the meeting.

Well known artist/producer, Judith Marcuse, will be the keynote speaker on the International Centre of Art for Social
established at SFU, and its impact on

What: COPE Annual General Meeting
When: 2 pm, Sun,
Jun 01, 2008

Where: Ukrainian Auditorium, 154 E 10
Vancouver (Just west of Main St.)

Proposed by-law

Current by-law:

(a) (i) – MEMBERSHIP

i) at
the time of determination, an individual member who ordinarily resides in the
City of Vancouver or the University Endowment Lands (the "UEL"), or a
corporate member who ordinarily maintains a place of business in the City of
Vancouver or the UEL, shall be a "Voting Member";

amendment to by-law

(a) (i) – MEMBERSHIP

i) at
the time of determination, an individual member who ordinarily resides
or works in the City of Vancouver or the
University Endowment Lands (the "UEL"), or a corporate member who ordinarily
maintains a place of business in the City of Vancouver or the UEL, shall be a
"Voting Member";

You can check your membership status by calling the COPE office at
604-255-0400, or by email at If you are a PAC member and
donate on a monthly basis, your membership is automatically renewed.
Memberships can also be updated at the meeting.

For more
information contact the COPE office at 604-255-0400, or

Council rejects plan
to protect affordable housing

On May 01, Vancouver‘s
NPA dominated City Council rejected a motion to protect affordable social
housing in the Downtown East Side (DTES).

Calling the disappearance of affordable housing a crises, COPE Cllr David
Cadman moved a motion to "implement a replacement policy for
development in the DTES so that for every unit of market housing that is built,
one unit of affordable social housing is also constructed."

According to the City’s Housing Centre, during the 2005-2010
period while 1597 new units of market housing is under way or being planned in
the DTES, only 557 new units of social housing will be built. City planners are
also considering proposals for 50 sites in the DTES to determine their
suitability for high rise, multi-unit market housing development.

"Development in the DTES now has three high-priced condos
being built for every unit of affordable housing," said Cadman. "What
we need is a firm replacement policy to protect low income housing."

Although Cadman’s motion was supported by the Carnegie Community Action Project and other
organizations active on housing, most councillors decided to reject a firm
replacement policy and opted instead for no clear policy and planning on a
project-buy-project basis.


Against all odds
Garibaldi School, a small kindergarten to grade three East Vancouver school,

for closure in September, won a signal victory by convincing the NPA dominated
Vancouver School Board to keep their school open.

Over a six month period this small school community put together an innovative
60-page brief that COPE Trustee Al Blakey described as "a remarkable and visionary
educational document."

The VSB, while offering a modified proposal that differed from the Garibaldi
submission, recognized the value of their detailed submission with several NPA
trustees commending the community for its persistent efforts.

And what an effort!

This involved a remarkable community mobilization project encompassing
sustained and varied series of community events, activities and happenings
including: small and large group meetings; door-to-door canvassing for
potential new students; community-wide surveys; a 1000 plus petition; a
community fair attended by 500; researching and writing an innovative brief
with strong emphasis on early childhood education and child care; busing
parents and their children to VSB meetings;
and recruiting an amazing local marching band to announce with a
flourish their arrival at the final VSB
where they swamped trustees with over 100 small teddy bears.

All of this went into this truly remarkable and sustained community victory
which COPE trustee Allan Wong calls "astounding."

COPE trustees said that while they preferred the original Garibaldi plan, they
could vote for the NPA motion which COPE trustees amended to include an early
childhood component.

Bravo Garibaldi parents, community organizations and activists for a superb

Park Commissioner calls for
creative use of fallen trees: says "we can do better than firewood."

Every year 1100 diseased and dead trees fall, or are
removed from
Vancouver boulevards and public parks. Many are unique or valuable species of hardwoods, and most end up as
sawdust or firewood.

Now COPE Park Commissioner Spencer Herbert hopes to
make the wood available to local craftsmen for use in furniture, sculptures and
other projects.

"I contacted the Pacific Woodworkers Guild, and the Greater Vancouver
Woodturner’s Guild, as well as independent woodworkers to see if they could use
fallen cherry wood, tulip wood, and many other varieties," said Herbert.
"The answer was a resounding yes. Many of the woodworkers wanted to know how they can access to the wood
to save it from the chopping block, and turn it into art creations ranging from
bowls to furniture."

Herbert will move a motion at the May 12 Park Board
meeting asking Board staff to develop a website that lets woodworkers find out
how and where they can access wood from fallen trees.

From a fallen tree to a beautiful creation, the Board can support Vancouver‘s many
master artisans and hobbyists while encouraging the re-use of a natural
resource," said Herbert. "Rather
than seeing beautiful wood go up in smoke where it produces climate damaging
greenhouse gases, I believe we’ll instead see an increase in wonderful one of a
kind art pieces."

Herbert’s motion will also ask staff to look into using mobile milling
technology so that some of the fallen street trees can be turned into lumber
for park developments, flower beds and other uses.

"We can get a lot better at using what we have around us, rather than relying
on shipping in materials. The
environmental movement has shown us that local action has global consequences. This could be a small step towards a cleaner


Join us for a "deck salon" at the home of Parks Board Commissioner,
Loretta Woodcock!

What: A casual get-together with electeds, prospective
candidates and other folks from the community.

3-5 pm, Sun, May 18, 2008.
Where: Loretta’s beautiful deck in

Light appetizers will be served.

For tickets ($10-20), and details please contact
Rachel at

60th Birthday Party for Ellen

What: 60th Birthday Celebration, 60s theme!
6:30 to 11 pm, May 25, 2008
Where: Trout
Lake Community Centre, 3350 Victoria Dr, Vancouver

Special guests, Yael from the No Shit Shirleys, Reuben Tillman and Wendy Soloway, and Karen X

Come eat, dance and party the night away – no host bar
Bring your memories to share!

RSVP by MAY 16

In Honour of David Morgan

Veteran’s Against Nuclear Arms and are planning an informal
gathering in honour of David Morgan.

David was a major player for peace, someone who refused to compromise. He will
be remembered for the dignity and dedication he brought to the peace movement.

What: David Morgan Memorial
4 pm, May 10th
Where: Hewett Hall of the
Unitarian Church, 949W. 49th (49 and Oak), in Vancouver

Come and celebrate his life!

May 9th: Notice of COPE AGM; Council rejects housing; Bravo Garibaldi; COPE Events