Tomorrow (Saturday) — Build it Together — Dialogue for a Better BC

Sat­ur­day, March 20, 2010 from 9:00 AM
3:30 PM
Alice MacKay Room, Van­cou­ver Pub­lic Library, 350 W. Geor­gia St.

Join mem­bers of the Coali­tion and con­cerned cit­i­zens for a
dia­logue on the impact of gov­ern­ment fund­ing cuts and come pre­pared
to share your ideas on what we can do together to build a better BC.

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City Report on Campaign Finance and Electoral Reform coming to council next week

The result of COPE Councillor Woodsworth’s motion
on campaign finance and electoral reform is coming to council next week,
with recommendations to the BC Local Governments Election Task Force.

report includes the following recommendations submitted by the City and
developed by a cross-party committee initiated by Woodsworth:

To set limits on the annual amount of contributions that can be given
by an individual or organization to an elector organization, campaign
organizer, or an individual seeking elected office.
•    That
the City of Vancouver be provided with the legislative authority to
adopt an alternate voting
•    That the City recommends against bringing any form of
corporate vote to Vancouver or in the Province.

The full
report is available here:

Woodsworth, whose previous motion was sent to the UBCM, also attended
the Local Government Elections Task Force UBCM Member Consultation with
Co Chairs Nyce President of UBCM and Honorable MLA Bill Bennett last

Over one hundred mayors and councillors participated in a
discussion that included election cycles, corporate vote, campaign
financing such as contribution limits, expense limits, public financing,
third party advertising and disclosure, local election enforcement, the
role of elections BC and employee and volunteer eligibility for office.

According to Woodswoth, “I am particularly concerned that the
Province is considering giving
corporations the vote. There was unanimous agreement at the
consultation that corporations should not have a vote. As far as I’m
concerned, voting is for people.”

The submission will come to
Council next Tuesday and will be bumped to a Thursday committee meeting
for input from the public.


"True Sport" motions coming to Council and Park Board

At the close of the Paralympic Games, COPE Park Board Commissioner
Loretta Woodcock and City Councillor Ellen Woodsworth are bringing
forward  “True Sport” motions to the March 22 Park Board meeting, and
March 25 City Council standing committee meeting.

“In 2006, the Vancouver Park Board, on behalf of the City, took on the
leadership role in the development of the Vancouver National Sport
Strategy, working with many organizations and individuals, to foster
sport and active living in Vancouver ” explains Commissioner Woodcock.
“The Olympics are over and we are near the end of the Paralympics. Their
success in terms of the importance of sport to Canadians mirrors the
True Sport national movement for sport and community. The Vancouver Park
Board and the City of Vancouver need to be recognized as leaders in the
True Sport movement”.

Adds Councillor Woodsworth, “City Council supported the Vancouver Sport
for Life endeavour, and this True Sport motion is about the value of
inclusion, in order to help sport live up to it’s full potential as a
public asset in Canadian culture."

The True Sport movement is enthusiastically supported by athletes such
as Paul Gautier, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 Paralympian – Gold medal and
Bronze medal winner. "Sport has influenced my life in more ways than I
can count," says Paul Gautier. "Through fair and inclusive competition I
learned that I could do anything that I put my mind to. While
representing Canada, I have been able to show people with disabilities
that they can fully participate in society. I love to share my
experiences with others, especially kids. I encourage them to get out
there and try everything – to have fun while learning valuable life

Adding to the momentum behind the True Sport movement is Paul Melia,
President and CEO of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport. “The
evidence clearly indicates that in order to get the most out of sport
and recreation, the sport we do must be good sport – built on the values
of excellence, fair play, fun and inclusion – True Sport. We are asking
the leaders of our communities to harness the power of sport within
their communities and join the True Sport Movement,” stated Mr. Melia.
“By declaring themselves a True Sport community, the City of Vancouver
and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreations have the power to
provide the sport and recreation the Vancouver community wants." 


Anti-Discrimination motion coming back to council

Councillor Woodsworth’s motion to join the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination has received unanimous support from the City’s Multiculturalism Commitee and will be coming back to council next week. 


Supporters of the motion, who spoke at council or sent emails to the Mayor and Council, included Indira Prahst (Vice Chair of Multicultural Committee at the City), Beverely Nann (former mmember of the Sectoral Commission for the Canadian Commission on  UNESCO),  Farid Rohani (Executive Director of  Laurier Institue), Edward Wong (Association of Chinese Professionals), Tung Chan (Executive Director of SUCCESS) and Charan Gill (Chief Executive Officer of Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS), among many others.

According to Woodsworth,  “the City of Vancouver, as one of the most diverse cities in Canada —  if not the world – can join other major cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, by becoming a member of the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities against Racism and Discrimination. The opening and closing Olympic ceremonies made the majority of our citizens invisible during the lighting of the torch, carrying of the flag and in other significant roles — demonstrating that, once again, systemic racism is often invisible."

For more information, see the Georgia Straight article here.


To sign-up to speak to any of these items at council, email


March 19, 2010: Dialogue for a Better BC Tomorrow, Finance Reform, True Sport and Anti-Discrimination

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