Lucas Schuller has lived 25 of his 26 years in East Vancouver and this is his third term on the COPE Executive. He holds a BFA in music composition from SFU and e is a graduate of the School of Music at Vancouver Community College. His studies have ranged from composing for the Vancouver Symphony and Chor Leoni Men’s Choir to writing about Canadian opera and hockey organ music. He has organized countless concerts since his teens and is a fervent promoter of live music. Lucas served as BC Chairperson for the Canadian Federation of Students and on the board of directors for the King Edward Students’ Union, Vancouver Community College and the Vancouver East Cultural Centre. He has worked as an organizer for the VSB’s Drive on the Drive
programme, a printer for Lion’s Gate Hospital and is currently VP of development at Festival Distribution, a Vancouver-based national distributor of independent music. He plays drums in two local bands and is an avid cyclist, hockey fan and softball player.

Lucas Schuller, Treasurer