Serving on park board since 2002, Loretta was an early environmentalist whose passion around natural habitat took her hiking to the remotest areas of the world over the past 29years. Loretta believes that listening carefully to the diversity of views from the public is important in making decisions around how city parks and facilities are used. She has championed public affordability and accessibility of services, with particular interest to seniors and youth. As a long time resident of the Dunbar community, and in advocating for improving public amenities across the city, Loretta has developed a city wide perspective in balancing the needs of all neighbourhoods. In taking an active role on the finance committee since 2002, Loretta has keen insights into finding and making the fairest use of taxpayer dollars. She believes increasing and enhancing recreational opportunities for residents will result in a more active and healthier urban population.

Loretta Woodcock, Parks Board Commissioner