Summer BBQ on July 8 — Tickets are going fast!

Please make sure to remember to purchase your tickets for the COPE summer BBQ. There will be very few tickets available at the door, so please make sure to be in touch!

WHERE: Vancouver Rowing Club (450 Stanley Park Drive)

WHEN: Wednesday, July 8, 6:30-10:00pm

WHY: Great food (100-mile diet), great music (Geoff Berner and Rhythm Nation) and great conversation (including guests from Check Your Head and Farm Folk/City Folk). 

Tickets are $60 and can be purchased by credit card or cheque by calling Rachel at 604-312-9057.


July 4 rally urges BC government and the developer to do the "right

Tomorrow, July 4, at 1:00
citizens will rally to press the provincial government and the developer,
Holborn Group, to save 224 units of social housing at Little Mountain ready to
be bulldozed once the City of Vancouver issues the permit.

Mountain is slated for redevelopment but there is no plan or timeline. "It is
nothing short of criminal to tear down perfectly good homes in the midst of a
housing crisis," says Kia Salomons of Community Advocates for Little Mountain
(CALM). "There is no plan for new construction; rezoning and planning alone will
take several years and it looks like the deal with the developer is off. It is
unconscionable to tear down habitable homes to make room for an Olympic parking
lot," she continued. The Olympic curling site is three blocks from the housing

The government-appointed developer, Holborn, has backed
away from two other major developments in Vancouver after the downturn in the
economy last fall.

According to the Minister of Housing, Rich Coleman,
the sale of Little Mountain will not be final until the lengthy planning and
rezoning process is completed. According to the City of Vancouver’s website no
new development will happen at the site until the fall of 2011 at the earliest.
"Do the math: it is hard to believe that any government would trade 10 days of
Olympic parking for 1,000 days of family housing. These soundly built homes
should be rented, not demolished. The buildings are old but could be refurbished
for the price of the rent they would generate," says Barry Growe of

The federal government recently offered funds to refurbish social
housing. "The only thing in the way of maintaining these homes is political will
and co-operation", says Salomons. "The developer could easily waive any
restrictions in the sale agreement and the provincial government could rent the
homes until there is a firm plan to redevelop the site," she stated. "It is time
to do the right thing."

Saturday, July 4, 2009  1 pm

33rd Avenue and Ontario

Upcoming motions at City Council 

The next City Council meeting is July 7 at 2pm. COPE has two motions
which will be discussed at regular council or will be moved to
committee on July 9 if the public would like to speak. To sign up to
speak, call the City Clerk at 604-873-7276. 

The two motions are:

1) Council Endorsement of Coventry Declaration (on human rights and the Olympics) available HERE

2) Request for Provincial Timeline for Development of 14 Supportive Housing Sites available HERE

Council agendas can always be found HERE. Council is also streamed live online HERE. 

July 3, 2009: COPE BBQ, Rally at Little Mountain, Upcoming Motions at City Council

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