COPE annual salmon BBQ a big hit


overflow crowd of COPE supporters and friends enjoyed wild salmon, great
entertainment and stunning views of
Vancouver‘s skyline from the
deck of the Vancouver Rowing Club on July 17 at COPE’s annual summer salmon

speaker Vancouver Kingsway MLA Adrian Dix spoke about the urgency of returning
a progressive government to City Hall in this November’s civic election.

have no right to be divided at this time and we owe it to the working people of
Vancouver to take on the real
problems of homelessness and poverty that are being ignored by Peter Ladner and
the NPA," said Dix. "To do that we all have to rise above selfish
politics, old differences and petty bickering and work together to elect
candidates who are committed to bringing real change to this city."

message was not lost on the audience that included COPE Cllr David Cadman,
Vision Vancouver Cllrs Tim Stevenson and Heather Deal, COPE Park Commissioner Loretta
Woodcock, Vision Vancouver mayoral candidate Gregor Robertson, and
Vancouver-Kensington MLA David Chudnovsky. Also on hand to hear Dix were
community activists David Eby and Brent Granby, as well as VDLC president Bill
Saunders, BCGEU president Daryl Walker, and HEU head Fred Muzin.

391 activist Todd Wong’s accordion antics, and Christine Best’s country-blues
vocals highlighted the evening’s entertainment.

COPE Executive wishes to thank all the hard working volunteers, staff and supporters
who made this year’s summer barbecue such a success.

Long-time peace activist and COPE volunteer Sam Fillipoff
dies suddenly

peace activist, teacher and COPE campaign volunteer Sam Fillipoff died on July
22 at
Vancouver General Hospital after a brief battle
with an incurable neurological disease.

was born in 1945 in the Slocan Valley of a Doukohobor
family who immigrated to
Canada to escape persecution
in Czarist Russia for their Tolstoyan traditions of pacificism, nonviolence and
communal living. Raised on the family farm, Sam rejected the idea of war and
violence and truly lived by the words "Thou shalt not kill."

earned a teacher’s degree and for many years taught in inner city Vancouver schools including Grandview School where he focused on
the needs of First Nations children. He 
took his students on educational trips up the BC coast to learn about
their heritage and ancestors, and helped create the Grandview community garden
project so that children in East Vancouver could learn about sustainability in
the urban environment, and have a safe sanctuary for so many who were exposed
to abuse and violence. Sam also worked at the BC Teachers Federation where he was
the race relations coordinator producing educational material and raising
awareness on the need to prevent racism.

after the COPE majority was elected to City Council in 2002, Sam was invited to
join the city’s newly formed Peace and Justice Committee where he was a key
organizer of the 2006 World Peace Forum. 
One of the events Sam helped organize as a kick-off for the Peace Forum
was the Acts
of Transformation: From War Toys to Peace Art
where children participated in
workshops creating art work made from war toys and violent video games.

is survived by his wife and two daughters, his mother and two sisters.

celebration of Sam Fillipoff’s life will be held at
on Thurs, July 31 at the UBC Longhouse at 1985 West Mall, University of BC. Donations can be
made to Promoting a Culture of Peace for Children Society of BC, 2266 W 14 Ave,
Vancouver V6K 2W1.

Show your COPE Pride

your Pride by marching with the COPE contingent in this year’s Pride Parade on
August 03. This year’s parade, which promises to be the biggest ever held in
Vancouver, is a fun way of
celebrating our community’s diversity and inclusiveness.

What: Pride Parade 2008

When: Noon, Sun, Aug 03, 2008

Where: Parade starts at Robson and Thurlow
in West

Rachel at 604-312-9057 or 604-255-0400 for more information.

to support Air
Canada Flight Attendants


Earlier this year, Air Canada applied to the Federal Government for an exemption from federal labour law, in order
to cut more than 2000 jobs.

Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn said no today to Air Canada‘s application to obtain a holiday from some labour
rules concerning the creation of layoff committees.

carefully examining the application, I have decided that there are insufficient
grounds to grant a waiver to Air Canada," Blackburn said in a statement.

Canada is still going ahead with plans to cut 650 flight
attendant jobs this fall.

drastic measures don’t make sense," said Lesley Swann, president of CUPE’s
Air Canada bargaining unit, which represents 7,200 flight
attendants.  "There’s
no justification for the closures, and cutting attendants is only going to
reduce the company’s capacity to provide passengers with quality services."

stop the cuts and closures, speak out to keep jobs in BC!

of CUPE Local 4094 are challenging Air Canada management to keep their work in BC.

What: Rally to support Air Canada Flight Attendants

When: 10 am, Mon, July 28, 2008 (meet at 9:30 am)

Where: Meet at Sea Island Elementary School (1891 Wellington Crescent, Rmd)

For more information, call 604-551-5737, 604-551-7397, 604-765-9905,  or email

Hiroshima Memorial Peace Lantern Ceremony

Free family event with Music, Speakers
and Floating Lanterns

What: Lantern Ceremony

When: 7:30 pm, Wed, Aug 06, 2008.

Where:  South
Central Park, Burnaby (Parking N. side of Imperial, E. of Boundary Rd)

Presented by: Veterans Against
Nuclear Arms, Lanterns for Peace and
Vancouver Save
Article 9. Endorsed by:,
World Peace Forum, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and   Peace and Philosophy Centre in

Info. call 604-325-8824, email

COPE Nominating Conference

2008 Nominating Conference will be at
2:30 pm on Sun, Sept 28, 2008 at the Ukrainian Auditorium at
154 East 10 Ave, Vancouver.

the Nominating Conference COPE members will choose candidates for the November
15 civic election.

COPE members, who are in good standing on or before August
14, 2008
will be eligible to vote at the Nominating Conference, to seek a COPE
nomination, or to nominate a candidate seeking a nomination.

interested in seeking a COPE nomination as a candidate in the civic election
should contact the COPE office at or call 604-255-0400.

more information about the Nominating Conference and nominations process, see
the COPE Constitution and By-Laws.



July 25, 08: COPE BBQ a hit; Fillipoff dies; COPE pride; Rally for Flight Attendants; Hiroshima Day; Nominating Conference

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