COPE Annual Summer Salmon BBQ


July 17, COPE supporters, labour friends and voters young and old, are invited
to an evening of tantalizing salmon (veggie options available!), entertainment
and politics at COPE’s famous Annual Summer Salmon BBQ at the beautiful
Vancouver Rowing Club in
Stanley Park.

COPE does not rely on contributions from mega-development corporations, but
rather on the generosity of community groups, local businesses, labour organizations
and individuals like you.

Please consider buying individual tickets or sponsoring one or more tables.
(Tickets are $60, or $500 for a table of 10), and please forward this
invitation to your family, co-workers and friends and encourage them to attend.

This year event features entertainment by Todd Wong of Gung Haggis Fat Choy (, and well-known Vancouver folk singer Tom Hawken.  Keynote speaker will be Vancouver-Kingsway MLA Adrian Dix, who will speak on Inequality in the

COPE’s Annual Summer Salmon BBQ

When: 6 pm, Thurs, July 17, 2008

Where: Vancouver
Rowing Club (in
Stanley Park, 250
Stanley Park Drive

Who: You! …and COPE supporters and friends, including MLA Adrian Dix, and
performers Todd Wong and Tom Hawken.

are $60 and can be obtained by calling the COPE office at 604-255-0400 or
e-mailing Rachel at

Tickets are also available at Vancouver Co-Op Books, 1391 Commercial Dr, Van, 604-253-6442.

Ellen Woodsworth to run for City Council spot

Former COPE City Councillor Ellen
Woodsworth announced today that she will
seek a COPE nomination for Vancouver
City Council in this November’s civic election.

"I am running for City Council because I
Vancouver must be a city for everyone," said Woodsworth. "While
Peter Ladner and Sam Sullivan’s NPA have been running city hall,  thousands of Vancouverites have found
themselves homeless, and many ordinary families, students and seniors can no
longer afford to live in their own city, as affordable housing is replaced by
million dollar condos."

was part of the previous COPE council that developed a Homeless Action Plan for
the Downtown East Side (DTES), planned South East False Creek as a sustainable
community with a mix of market and affordable housing, and created a Climate
Change Action Plan that has been largely ignored by the NPA.

"If the NPA had implemented the Homeless Action Plan, the DTES would have
800 more units of social housing per year, instead of losing affordable
housing," said Woodsworth. "And South East False Creek could have
been a neighbourhood with a fair mix of market and affordable housing.  Instead Ladner and the NPA slashed affordable
and low income housing, eliminated two child care centres, and turned South
East False Creek into another enclave only the wealthy can afford."

says she will also push for a new tax bracket that would give a break to small
businesses, instead of punishing ordinary homeowners and renters by shifting
business taxes onto residential taxpayers – as the NPA have done.

She will also work with Translink and the province to put more buses on the
street and hold back fare increases, unlike the NPA who promised both, but
delivered neither.

"Peter Ladner and the NPA have squashed democracy at City Hall," said
Woodsworth. “They dismantled advisory committees, fired the Board of Variance
for protecting local communities, gutted the Ethical Purchasing Program, and
fired the city’s Child Youth Advocate and Youth Mentor."

Woodsworth is a long time community activist who works with seniors, and on
housing, equity and diversity issues in the DTES. Since 2005, she has been
COPE’s External Co Chairperson.

Woodsworth lives in East Vancouver and uses her bike to get around
when she is not working in her plot in the
Strathcona Community Gardens.

park commissioners ignore public and axe Little Mountain trees

At the July 07 meeting of the Vancouver Park Board, NPA park commissioners
ignored more than two dozen delegations and voted to cut down up to 70 mature
trees to enhance views of the city from Queen Elizabeth Park on Vancouver’s
Little Mountain.

COPE Commissioner Loretta Woodcock proposed a compromise solution that would
have seen the main view corridor improved, while only removing 10 trees.  Woodcock’s plan was rejected by the NPA

"The NPA have shown contempt for public opinion," said Woodcock.  "By rejecting the compromise proposal
they disregarded the 1999 planning report that recommended opening views with
minimal impact on the trees."

"The park board consultation process indicates that the public are divided
on whether to cut down 70 trees to enhance three view corridors. The NPA
majority should have acknowledged public opinion by considering the compromise
solution that involves cutting down up to only 10 mature trees. This would have
addressed the public’s concerns about preserving trees, and would have also preserved
valuable foraging habit for the 80 species of birds that visit the park year

up False Creek now, says Cllr Cadman

raw sewage to flow into False Creek is no longer acceptable," said COPE
Cllr David Cadman. "We need to make it a priority to clean up False Creek
by replacing the antiquated combined sewer outfalls that currently pump raw
sewage and other pollutants into a popular recreational waterway."

week, hazardous levels of sewage-related coliform bacteria in False Creek
forced health authorities to warn kayakers, dragon boaters and any one who uses
the popular waterway to avoid contact with the contaminated water.

A rupture in a nearby sewer pipe was responsible for the latest spill. But raw
sewage will continue to find its way into False Creek until the combined sewers
are upgraded – and that is not scheduled to be finished before 2050.

now there are five combined storm sewer outfalls in False Creek that pump raw
sewage every time there is a heavy rainfall in
Vancouver," said
Cadman.  "That may have been good
enough in 1907 when the system was built, but now thousands of people live
around the Creek, the Olympic village is going up on the southeast shore, and
there are plans for a centre for kayaking and other non-motorized craft in the
east basin – the most polluted part of the Creek."

in False Creek is not new, nor is the debate about how to handle it.  Since the late 1970s, local residents have
been concerned about high coliform counts and have conducted their own sampling
tests. In the 1999 civic election, then NPA Mayor Philip Owen assured voters
that the combined sewer outfalls would be replaced.

Up until
the late 1970s, False Creek was an industrial basin that was so polluted, city
councillors of the day seriously considered filling it in. Thankfully that
wasn’t done and with the completion of the seawall in 1974, most industrial
contaminants stopped seeping into the Creek. Coliform and sewage, however,
remains a problem – particularly in the warmer months when large numbers of
boaters and kayakers use False Creek.

According to the city’s sewage replacement program,
approximately one percent of
Vancouver‘s century old sewage system is upgraded every year.  Upgrading the entire system is anticipated to
be completed by 2050 – four decades after the 2010 Olympics.

Nominating Conference

2008 Nominating Conference will be at 2:30 pm on Sun, Sept 28, 2008 at the
Ukrainian Auditorium at 154 East 10 Ave, Vancouver.

the Nominating Conference COPE members will choose candidates for the November
15 civic election.

All COPE members in good standing on or before August 14, 2008, will be eligible to
vote at the Nominating Conference, seek a COPE nomination, or nominate a
candidate seeking a nomination.

more information about the Nominating Conference and nominations process, see
the COPE Constitution and By-Laws, or call the COPE office at: 604-255-0400.

July 10, 2008: Salmon BBQ; Woodsworth to run for City Council Spot; Nominating Conference

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