Sunday’s Join Hands for Justice march and Rally was a wonderfully empowering event.

As we gathered at Denman and Davie, a number of us appeared nervous at the small numbers. However, before long the crowd was spilling out of the park. Ellen Woodsworth and I volunteered to be marshals and put on the pink arm bands. Ellen also took one of the beautiful large rainbow flags.

I spotted a number of folk I knew in the crowd, from organizers Jim Deva and Jennifer Breakspear to community activists and allies such as Susan Harman (PFLAG) and Murray and Peter Corren. As well as grassroots folk such as ally and parent activist, Maureen Bayless, her husband Allan and son Noah.

Reflecting the election season, the crowd was also peppered with countless civic, provincial and federal politicians – including Gregor Robertson, Tim Stevenson, Sarah Blythe and Patti Bacchus from Vision; Ellen, Al Blakey and myself from COPE, Michael Byers, Libby Davies, Spencer Herbert, Jenn McGinn from both the Federal and Provincial NDP.

We walked, hand in hand down Davie to Hornby where we stopped and listened to a number of powerful speakers. All the speakers were amazing – but I was particularly challenged and inspired by both Fatima Jaffer and Imtiaz Popat.

Thank you to the organizers. As Denise Norman (Aaron Webster’s cousin) said to me – it was great to have people from the community speak and so many politicians there to listen. It gives me hope that we really can create a better world.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Joining Hands for Justice

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