Minutes COPE Executive Retreat

13 January 2018, False Creek Housing Co-op

Shape of the Day

Participants: Current COPE Executive members, all day

Select Guests, for discussions at 3:00PM

6PM Sri Lankan dinner for all.

Morning Session: COPE Executive

8:00 am Coffee Tea and Bagels, and several short socialist ‘victory videos’

9:00 Convene Executive Meeting

Present: Anita R, Connie, Rider C., Esther, Riaz, Sam, Aiden, CJ, John A., Gail Gayle, Justine, John Y.


Call to Order 9:20AM | Territorial acknowledgement

COPE Executive Minutes November 28, 2017 M/S/C

Executive Meeting Agenda January 13, 2018, Esther (M), CJ, (S), C



  • Elections BC Filing, John Yano

Election Filing: Anita (a signing off principal): completed.

  • Appointing Financial Agent for 2018

Motion: That C.J. be COPE’s Financial Agent for the 2018 civic election

John A. (M), Ester (S), C.

Financial Report: CJ to forward Financial Report.

Motion: To accept the financial report: CJ (M) Connie (S), C.

Fundraising: Tribute to Tim update

Connie: 87 tickets of 100 pre-sold – inquiring: Fraser Hall to expand additional seats.

General Meeting Timeline and Election Campaign Approaches for October 20, 2018

  • Dates and locations of General Meetings — Volunteers required
  • Constitution Requires Four General Meetings per year; more if we wish
  • One meeting must be an all-day Policy Conference

Motion: That the 2018 meeting time-lines below be adhered tokadopted. Rider (M), John A. (S)

Friendly amendment: That the nomination strategy meeting precede the policy meeting. conferenceCJ (M)

Motion: Table above motion until just before dinner, after discussion. CJ (M), John A. (S), C.

General Membership Meeting Schedule — 45-days Notice needed for each:

Jan 13 Executive Retreat

Feb __ Election Campaign Planning Ctee begins to meet; includes full Executive

Mar __ General Meeting: Policy Conference, org. by the Policy and Constitution

Committee; includes all Executive members

Apr __ General Meeting, including Campaign Nominations-Strategy

May __

Jun __ General Meeting — Campaign Nominations-Decisions. Deadline for

nominations set by previous Executive: June 15th

Jul __ Campaigning

Aug __ Campaigning

Sept __ Campaigning and Notice for AGM

Oct 20, 2018 Election

Nov __ Annual General Meeting


10:30 Morning Break

The election campaign means raising the visibility of the “COPE” name, and the names of candidates. The campaign must also raise money.

Policy Constitution Committee Report – Gaylel

Motion: To accept the Policy Constitution Committee Report. Gail (M) John A. (S), C.

Actionable item Motion: To engage COPE members through all communication on the importance of repopulating COPE’s committees to drive the 2018 COPE election policy, nominations, and strategy. Co-Chairs to activate. John A. (M), Anita (S), C.

Activities needed Plan to carry this out.…

  1. Special Events, eg: Women’s March, Earth Day, Labour Day, Powell St Fest, Folk Fest, Pride, Car Free, Vaisaki, Chinese New Year Parade, Farmers Markets
  1. Fundraising, such as Tribute to Tim – COPE Table (Justine and Riaz), Donations and pitch
  1. Other Fundraising Events—Need persons to take the lead: film nights (partnered with activist groups?Lead:Rider; co-Swanson social; Note: 50th anniversary team to look after finding opportunities. [Who is on the 50th team? Rider…everyone?.]
  1. Startup? Volunteers – Aiden: need for membership drive;

Connie: committee vacancies — fund-raiser, membership, and two Exec member at large.

  1. Phone banks
  1. Online presence
  1. Events
  1. Marketing Events such as PRIDE, Car-Free Days… (highlighting COPE’s 50th anniversary theme in all public functions)

What events? What is our goal?

Volunteer Team to Organize

Actionable item Motion: COPE to hold a major anniversary party celebrating our 50th birthday, and popularize this anniversary throughout 2018. Anniversary organizing committee – Justin, Riaz, Anita, Aiden, Sam, CJ, John A. – to meet and make recommendation for event proposal at February exec. meeting. John A. (M), CJ (S), C.

Riaz to collect suggestions for recruiting abe executive liaison for graphic designer – 50th anniversary etc. – and work with communications committee. Mentioned: Ngaire (“Nye-ree”) from TeamJean. Budget.

12:00 to 1PM Potluck Lunch – Victory Videos. Reconvene at 1PM

  1. Election: Private discussion among Executive Members
  1. Do We Run a Mayor? Why? Why Not? Likely important/essential for media. Vision decline changes things. Mentioned: Meena,, Carr, Libby or “Independent left” person,

considerations ex. Site-C, Pipelines – how far compromise?; push left; activist bottom up driving party; transparency need, for example Jean’s campaign.

  • How many Council, School Board, Parks Board– little/no mention
  • Unity on the Left 2018 Discussion of the concept, its feasibility in 2018, prospects for success of NPA, Vision, OC, Greens, and Team Jean General talk
  • What is a Basis of Unity? Gemeral talk
  • Anti capitalist analysis Previous campaigns and platforms “
  • Creative and Innovative ideas to distinguish COPE _____?

2:30 Adjourn Exec meeting — Break and welcome Guests

3:00 Facilitated Discussion with Guests: John Irwin, Michael Lebowitz, Mel Lehan, Bette Murphy, Derrick O’Keefe, Wendy Pedersen. Regrets: Diana Day

From Rider’s notes:

  1. Is left Unity Important? Why? Defeat NPA/Vision, Avoid voter anger at splits. “Money Reforms don’t apply to civic elections.” “Build capacity from the base.’ Housing is primary issue. Site C/KM/etc attracts support to Greens. One City in trouble: bad numbers and no capacity…many are closet Copesters. “Nail Solomon.” Build policy first, to get members/money/votes.

Right away: Announce ‘We want Unity for Radical Change.’ Link to Cope history/50th Anniversary event. New buttons: “Rent Reduction Now!”

  1. Left Unity – who should COPE campaign with/work with/co-ordinate with? How? — number of candidates/joint campaigning/joint
  1. What principles would unite us?

All voices contribute. Time limits to hear all voices–Not mentioned or applied. Guests and Exec members both spoke without limitation, at length.

Recorded but private comments

Additional and related topics can be added if the above discussion wraps up early.

Sri Lankan Dinner at 6 Perfection: exotic flavours, lovely cashews, varieties of spice, exquisite chicken, .

End at 8 Cleanup and out Many lingered to help and talk further.