On Wednesday, April 1 at 7pm, COPE will be hosting a free debate on
Single Transferable Vote (STV) at the Creative Individual Studio
(110-60 E 5th Ave) in Vancouver. The debate will be followed with a DJ
and cash bar.

According to COPE external chair, Lucas Schuller, while COPE doesn’t
have an official position on STV, it’s important to help facilitate the
debate. “Electoral reform is a huge issue for those of us who want to
empower a larger segment of our voting population.” He continues, “STV
is a specific proposal on the ballot this May 12 and we need to talk
about it.”

Schuller hopes the event will attract a broad range of participants
– traditional lefties, those interested in electoral reform and younger
people who so often feel like their vote doesn’t matter.

Representatives from the official “Yes” and “No” committees will be participating.

Is STV right for BC?

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