On Sunday, September 7th, 2014 COPE members came together at the Japanese Hall and selected COPE’s 2014 election team.

After voting overwhelmingly in favour of running a mayoral candidate at our Policy Conference in March, Meena Wong is COPE’s candidate for Mayor!

Support Meena for Mayor!

Our City Council candidates are Tim Louis, Sid Chow Tan, Audrey Siegl (sχɬemtəna:t), Gayle Gavin, Lisa Barrett, Keith Higgins, and Jennifer O’Keeffe.

(Wilson Munoz and John Yano tied for the 8th council position, and a decision will be announced soon.)

For School Board, Diana Day, Ilana Shecter, Ralph Fraatz, Heidi Nagtegaal, and Kombii Nanjalah will be running.

Anita Romaniuk, Urooba Jamal, Imtiaz Popat, Ezra Bloom will be running for Park Board.

Can we count on your support for our candidates? We’ve been waiting for three years to bring our issues and our solutions to City Hall. The fight is just starting. We need your energy, your vote, your time and your money.

The biggest campaign contributors in Vancouver are real estate development corporations and the people who run them. We don’t take their money. Other parties in Vancouver do.

Their supporters pay $25,000 for lunch. Or make million dollar donations.

The working people of Vancouver deserve representation.

The election season starts now. Are you in?

Introducing COPE’s 2014 Team!