"Comments made by Vancouver NPA Park Commissioners show they don’t respect International Women’s Day," said COPE Commissioner Loretta Woodcock. "What discourages me is that NPA Commissioners Korina Houghton and Heather Holden seem to be pushing women back to the 1800s when we had to fight for recognition and our basic rights."

At the Park Board’s March 06 meeting, NPA commissioners voted against a COPE motion to ask staff to expand 2007 IWD celebrations throughout the city.

"Today in the media NPA Commissioner Houghton suggested that if the Park Board recognizes International Women’s Day then why not also have an international men’s day, or international children’s day or international dog day," said Woodcock. "This is an affront to all women in Vancouver.

"The Park Board currently partners with its 23 community centres and environmental, arts, cultural and recreational groups to celebrate the diversity of Vancouver residents in events including Chinese New Year, Dragonboat Festival, Vaisakhi and Diwali, Pride Parade, Vancouver Youth Week, National Aboriginal Day, Multi-cultural Day, and Remembrance Day," Woodcock noted.
"The newly elected Park Board needs to give International Women’s Day the same respect".

Commissioner Woodcock is concerned the attitude of NPA commissioners may damage Vancouver’s reputation as a city that embraces diversity.  She will be asking the commissioners to rethink their decision when she brings a motion forward at the March 20 Board meeting on involving the Park Board in celebrating International Women’s Day in 2007.

Woodcock will be joining Vancouver residents at the city’s official IWD celebrations at City Hall today at 2 pm.

International Women's Day gets no respect from NPA Park Commissioners, says COPE Park Commissioner Woodcock

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