October 23

COPE Councillor David Cadman and Vision mayoral candidate Gregor Robertson release Homelessness strategy

COPE Councillor David Cadman and Vision Vancouver mayoral candidate Gregor Robertson released a joint Homelessness Strategy today in the Downtown Eastside’s Crab Park.

“Vancouver residents are, frankly, embarrassed that homelessness is growing and affordability is disappearing,” said Cadman. “This NPA council reversed a policy of one third low income at South East False Creek and have stood by while slum landlords allow their properties to fall apart necessitating their closure. It’s unacceptable that good housing-such as that at Little Mountain-stand vacant while people sleep on the sidewalk.”

COPE council candidate Ellen Woodsworth noted that COPE has a ten-point homelessness plan that includes using Little Mountain’s 200 empty units for social housing and protecting existing low-income housing by enforcing current bylaws.

“It’s time that City Hall took action on homelessness and one of the steps is to enforce the standards of maintenance by-law,” said Woodsworth. “We need a mayor and council who will take action on Day One to deal with the homelessness crisis in our city. Ladner has had three years in power and he hasn’t gotten the job done.”

COPE’s Homelessness Strategy will:

– Require an equivalent number of affordable social housing built
for every unit of market housing built in the DTES and adjacent

– Protect low-income housing stock through enforcement of existing

– Get the provincial government to increase welfare rates, the
minimum wage and remove barriers to accessing income assistance;

– Re-establish a Residential Tenancy Office in the city of Vancouver;

– Require developers to incorporate 20 percent affordable housing in
new developments;

– Use the City’s Property Endowment Fund to build affordable housing;

– Freeze conversion of rental accommodation to strata title condos.

For full details of COPE’s  Homelessness Plan go to:

COPE launches 17th election campaign

More than 150 supporters and volunteer packed the campaign office at 585 E Broadway to launch COPE’s 17th civic election campaign in its four decades as Vancouver’s progressive voice in city politics.

“This is going to be an exciting campaign,” said COPE Cllr David Cadman. “It will be the first time we’ve done new media such as YouTube videos, a texting program, and even a theme song. These new ideas, combined with COPE’s traditional grass roots support, will build the momentum that’ll carry our candidates into city hall, park and school boards.”

Cadman and former councillor and community activist Ellen Woodsworth are COPE’s candidates for city council, while incumbent Park Commissioner Loretta Woodcock and former park board chair Anita Romaniuk  are seeking park board spots.

Bill Bargeman, Al Blakey, Jane Bouey, Allan Wong and Alvin Singh – the youngest candidate nominated by any major party – are running for school board.

“This will be a pivotal election where the majority of Vancouver voters who want a return to a caring and progressive government will be able to vote for a united list of COPE, Vision and Green candidates on November 15,” said Cadman.

The new campaign office, recently a dilapidated video, was transformed into a bustling campaign centre by many volunteers including Paul Yorke, who set up an entire phone and internet system, Don Berg who strung hundreds of feet of new wiring, Terry Martin who built walls and installed a working kitchen, and Lucas Schuller who donated furniture, phones and who played drums with Corbin Murdoch and the Nautical Miles at the opening party.

Also helping move furniture and clean up after the “ great Thanksgiving Day flood” were
Takaharu Kimeda, Ken Baker, Al Fossen and Brent Granby.

The COPE Campaign Committee and Candidates thank all the volunteers and supporters who made the campaign launch a success.

COPEtemporary Arts








Please join COPE candidates, supporters and volunteers for an evening of live music, art , drinks,  canapés and revelry as we celebrate our past and look to our future.  This intimate evening will feature all of our COPE candidates as well as special guests from Vision Vancouver.
What: COPEtemporary Arts Evening

When: 7 p.m. Sun, Nov 2, 2008-10-23

Where: 304 Dunlevy St, Vancouver (two blks east of Main at Hastings)

For ticket information and prices please contact Kate at 604-315-2365 or kate@cope.bc.ca

COPE seeking election canvassers

Posted: October 21, 2008
COPE is looking for paid canvass team members to do door-to-door voter contact from October 31-November 15, 2008.

Job Summary – Canvass Team Members

Under the guidance of the Canvass Team captain, Voter Contact Organizer and E-day Coordinator, Canvass Team members will conduct intensive and targeted door-to-door voter contact and identification in various ridings. The Canvass Team will primarily assist the central COPE campaign in communicating the campaign message, gauging voter response, and identifying COPE supporters, sign locations and volunteers..


·         Confident, assertive and pleasant verbal communicator;
·         Willingness to spend many hours visiting peoples’ homes;
·         Excellent listener;
·         Proven experience keeping accurate and detailed records;
·         Proven ability to work well with others;

·         Ability to adapt well to changing work locations, weather conditions and priorities;
·         Willingness to work long and irregular hours in a hectic campaign environment;
·         Some knowledge of COPE history and policy
·         In addition to English, the ability to speak Punjabi, Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin) or other languages is an asset;
·         Prior campaign experience is an asset;
·         Positive attitude

Commencement and Terms of Employment

October 31-November 15
5-7 four-hour shifts per week

Please send applications to Rachel Marcuse, COPE Campaign Co-Manager

Reminder-  COPE’s “A Vancouver for Everyone” Dance Party!

Get your cure for electile dysfunction at the Wise Hall (1882 Adanac) tonight starting from 8pm.

NOTE! A SPECIAL DEAL! There’s a fundraiser for Andrea Reimer going on just down the street at DHARMALAB (1814 Pandora St @ Salsbury). Party-hop and get $5 off admission at either event, just show your stamp. On Nov. 15 VOTE for whoever gots the best moves.

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