On Saturday morning the 2nd of August 2008 Mayor Sam Sullivan read his
proclamation that declares "Hiroshima Day in the city of Vancouver (copy
attached) , at the opening ceremonies of the two day Japanese Powell Street
Festival at Oppenheimer Park, an event that celebrates the contribution of,
the cultural heritage of Japanese Canadians to our great Canadian way of

In the evening of 6th of August 2008 at Central Park in Burnaby, the
schedule includes a few words from Dr. Wade Huntley of the Simon’s Centre
for Disarmament and Non Proliferation, from Ellen Woodsworth of  Women’s
International League for Peace and Freedom, Ellen Clague & Joshua Cox, the two VSA9 delegates who recently attended, the Renunciation of War Save Article 9 conference in Japan, then Mayor Derek Corrigan will say a few words, read his proclamation that declares "Hiroshima Day" in the city of Burnaby, and finally we end the ceremony with a medley of songs, from the Solidarity Notes choir, as those people gathered will express the desire for peace by launching a lantern for peace.

Hiroshima Day Lantern Ceremony

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