Attend the BC Supreme Court
Appeal on Tuesday January 29th to Thursday the 31st at 800 Smythe Street at 10 am (near Howe).

This Appeal seeks to restore
recognition that Hastings
is a park for the
public before profit.  At stake is elected Parks Board governance of Vancouver Park lands. 

Under the governance of a
City promoting eco-density, Hastings
is only 20% green
public access, with 80% devoted entirely to commercial revenue generating
activities.  This is not an appropriate balance for our city and our

Did you know that:

-trees planted in the first
phase of the Hastings
restoration were cut
down, so that corporate billboards would be unobstructed?

Hastings Park,
which generates millions of dollars in income for the city, has had,
ironically, its own park maintenance cut back? 

Do you want this to happen
to Stanley Park,
Pacific Spirit Park,
or your own neighbourhood park?

Parks governance should make
free healthy family activities the priority over profit making. We can do
better for our 2010 Olympic site and for the future of our parks!

A crowd helps the panel of 5
judges to understand that this case is significant and the community is
watching.  Proceedings begin at 10
am.  Please note that the doors close
until the first break, therefore latecomers will not be seated.  Once in the courtroom, there is no cheering,
clapping or groaning.

You can also:

-Write to your Councillors

-Write to your Park Board Commissioners at,,,,,, and

to the Hasting Park Conservancy

For more information and to help please contact:

David Bornman, President, Hastings Park Conservancy, 604-318-0969

Stuart MacKinnon,,

Rolf Tevely, Director, Hastings Community Assn.,

Derek Creighton & Jason
Rohrick, Lawyers,
Access Law Group, who have taken on the majority of this Appeal Pro Bono
604-689-8000 ext 304  

Background information:

Elected Parks Board Jurisdiction

Very few
cities in North America have the distinction of an elected Parks Board; its
presence demonstrates the value Vancouver
has historically placed on parkland. The Hasting Park Conservancy’s case seeks
to defend the exclusive jurisdiction of Parks Board over parklands as provided
by the Vancouver Charter (section 488).

2004 &
2005 City of Vancouver
the Vancouver Charter and natural justice by:  

  • Usurping
    Parks Board jurisdiction by approving land use in a Public Park
  • Accepting an
    application for Slot Machines before finalizing a New Master Plan for Hastings Park. (required by council Nov
  • Rezoning
    before completing the stated economic & land use conditions
  • Improper
    delegation of "troubling details" to staff beyond the reach of
    the public 
  • Removing any
    opportunity for the Board of Variance to review Parking and access issues
  • And delaying
    the city commitments to restore Hastings

2007 – 2008 Conditions at Hastings Park

 "Are parks intended for recreation
or unaccountable revenue streams?"

  • Hastings Park is the only park not
    governed by the Parks Board
  • Trees planted
    in the first phase of Hastings
    have been cut down for billboards
  • Programming
    in the Bird Sanctuary is planned by the PNE Fair
  • Take over of
    the Bird Sanctuary is slated for the PNE 2008 summer fair (perimeter fence
    has already been removed)
  • Casino
    traffic enters through the neighbourhood contrary to 2004 public hearings.
  • Casino has
    cut 30 live race days from 2007 season contrary to 2004 public hearings.
  • Maintenance
    funding for restored portions of the Park have been reduced
  • Promises of
    underground parking have been postponed contrary to 2004 public hearings.
  • Costs of
    Casino electrical upgrades is being shared with VANOC dollars
  • Since 2003
    millions of dollars of taxpayer approved and funded restoration has been
    halted while the Casino and all manner of private industry have continued
    to expand at a rapid pace.
Help protect Hastings Park, and the future of all public parks in Vancouver

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