Golden Gag Award "Ceremony" and Protest

Friday, June 6, 12:00
Granville Square, 200 Granville Street, Vancouver

Demand that CanWest drop its groundless lawsuit against Mordecai Briemberg!  In a direct attack on freedom of expression, Canwest has launched an unprecedented civil lawsuit against solidarity activist Mordecai Briemberg and 6 other anonymous persons.  In June 2007, marking the 40th anniversary of the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, an anonymous group produced a parody edition of Canwest’s Vancouver Sun.  Canwest is pursuing legal action against Briemberg despite their written admission that they have no documentation connecting him with the production of the parody. Regardless of individuals’ opinions on the Israel/Palestine issue, we are concerned that this lawsuit is an attack on all of us who dare speak out against the status quo.  For more info:

Golden Gag Award "ceremony" and protest

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