A climactic opportunity–Global Warming Café Sat June 7 1:30-4:30 PM
This Saturday 1:30 to 4:30 at Little Mountain Neighbourhood House (3981
Main—at 23rd Ave), we in Community Climate Change
(www.communityclimatechange.ca) will give our 10th Global Warming Café.
The focus of the Cafes is what happens at each table of five people, one of
whom is a table host (facilitator). The first hour is devoted to sharing how
people experience the threats and opportunities in climate change.
Thereafter, each table discusses what to do in three areas:  Conserving
energy (household, transportation, food), Encouraging politicians to take
action, and Personal, creative, and spiritual transformation.  At the close,
people discuss how they might take ongoing action through a neighbourhood
Eco-Team. Admission is free and contributions are welcome.
Last night at SFU, I heard Dr Gordon McBean say two things which I found
very sobering.   (Dr. McBean is a Professor at Univ of Western Ontario and
Chair for Policy in the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction.  He wrote
a major part of an early IPCC report.)
1)  Average CO2 rise in the decade 1990 to 1999 was 1.3% per year.  In the
present decade CO2 rise has increased to 3.3% per year!
2) The forecasted 1 to 7 degrees Celsius increase in mean global temperature
for 2100 is broad not because of scientific uncertainty, but depends
completely on how we respond to the challenges of climate change.
Our species needs to change our use of energy, our politics, and our
personal connections to one another and to the planet.
Whether you have attended a Global Warming Café or not, please come join us
this Saturday,   Your help in mobilizing a powerful community response will
make a difference.
I look forward to seeing many of you at Little Mountain Neighbourhood House.
Thank you.
Fred Bass

Global Warming Cafe

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