Tired of overcrowded, no fun buses? Then get on board COPE’s Free Bus this Wed, Nov. 12, Thurs, Nov 13 and Fri, Nov 14 from 10 AM to 1 PM.

Free Bus is hop on, hop off but will have 14 regular stops (see below).

The Free Bus stops: 1. Main/Broadway 2. Cambie/Broadway 3. Oak/Broadway 4. Granville/Broadway 5. Burrard/Broadway 6. Burrard/4th 7. Burrard/Helmken (St. Paul’s) 8. Burrard/Dunsmuir (Burrard Stn.) 9. Pender/ranville 10. Pender/Cambie 11. Pender/Main 12. Main/Terminal (Main Stn.) 13. VCC Stn 14. Clark/Broadway
We will use existing bus stops which will be marked with Free Bus signage.

Get on Board with COPE’s FREE BUS!