COPE’s elected Executive manages the operations in between General Meetings. They meet monthly, and meetings are open to all COPE members. If you would like to find out when the next Executive meeting takes place, please contact us.

Executive Elections

Elections happen at our Annual General Meeting, which takes place once per year. Occasionally, if an Executive position becomes vacant, a by-election will be held at the next General Meeting (regardless of whether or not it is an AGM). To run for a position on the Executive, a candidate needs to be a COPE member in good standing, and needs to be nominated from the floor by another COPE member.

Table Officers

There are seven table officer positions, and five member-at-large positions. The table officer positions are, as described in the COPE constitution:

  • External co-chairperson, who shall be the chief executive officer of the Society and the principal spokesperson of the Society;
  • Internal co-chairperson, who shall chair all Society meetings and supervise the internal affairs of the organization, and who may act in the external co-chairperson’s place as required;
  • Recording Secretary, who shall issue notices and keep minutes of all meetings;
  • Corresponding Secretary, who shall be responsible for receipt of, responding to and dealing with all correspondence received by the organization;
  • Membership Secretary, who shall be the chair of the membership committee and maintain membership records;
  • Treasurer –  who shall keep financial records in accordance with the Society Act, render financial statements to the Executive and members as required and be a member of the finance committee.
  • Fundraiser – who shall organize, produce and supervise fundraising plans and events, chair the fundraising committee and be a member of the finance committee.

More information about the COPE Executive is available in our constitution and bylaws.