COPE background imageAnyone who lives in Vancouver and is a COPE member can run for a nomination for our party.  If you are interested in running to be a candidate for COPE and have any questions, please contact us.

Elections for candidates

The Nominating Conference will also include elections for COPE candidates for Mayor, Council, Schools, and Parks. The COPE Nominating Conference will take place on September 7th, 2014.

To find out more about how to become a candidate, and what that means, check out our 2014 Nominations Guide.

Number of candidates

At the Nominating Conference, the COPE membership will decide how many candidates COPE will run for City Council (maximum 10 + mayor), School Board (maximum 7), and Parks Board (maximum 9) in the 2014 municipal elections.

Note: Current COPE policy, passed by the membership at the April 2013 Annual General Meeting, is that COPE will run a mayoral candidate, as well as majorities for each of City Council, School Board, and Parks Board.

Equity Mandate

In 2014, COPE adopted new policy to ensure that the many diverse groups that make up Vancouver are represented in our candidates.

At our Nominating Conference, no more than 50% of our candidates will be male-identified on our slates for City Council, School Board, and Park Board.

We will also have a dedicate position for aboriginal candidates for City Council, School Board, and Park Board.

Municipal Election

The Vancouver Charter states that elections take place every three years, on the third Saturday in November. The Vancouver municipal elections are scheduled for November 15th, 2014.