Connie HubbsOur March 15th COPE General Meeting elected Connie Hubbs to join Tim Louis as new Co-Chair (replacing Heather Gies who has moved to Ecuador), Gary Jarvis as Corresponding Secretary,  Anita Romaniuk, Jennifer O’Keefe and Sid Chow Tan as Members-at-Large. Tammy Starlight was also confirmed as Equity Representative for the Transgendered Caucus, succeeding Jamie Lee Hamilton.



– The meeting continued with a review of the COPE campaign in November municipal election. Wendy Petersen spoke about the ‘get the vote out’ campaign  in the DTES. Do it it again and do it bigger was the takeaway. Margaret Panton, COPE Financial Agent reported on the financial side and recommended more systems in place to support candidates with the reporting requirements to Elections BC.

Wendy Petersen

Break out sessions addressed three questions from the campaign:

What worked well?

What did you enjoy?

What could we do better next time?

What worked well included  our policy platform, media coverage, and outstanding candidates, especially our mayoralty candidate Meena Wong.

Volunteers enjoyed connecting with the voters on the phone and at the doorstep as well as the camaraderie and excitement of the campaign office.

What we could do better next time would include starting everything much earlier, holding the nominating congress in the spring to give the candidates the summer to campaign, having more focus on voter contact earlier in the campaign, and hiring a campaign manager.


– The meeting also included a discussion of the transit plebiscite and it was decided to continue on March 29 with a COPE sponsored Transit Forum at St Patrick’s Church with a panel of speakers to provide input from a variety of perspectives.


–  COPE Members were also invited to come to the first fun/fundraiser of 2015, the Salsa Fiesta. Family fun followed by an adult party were promised with delicious Latin food and lively Latin music on the program.

March 15th General Meeting Elects New Board Members