Today, COPE Council Candidate Ellen Woodsworth, School Board Candidate Alvin Singh, COPE Campaign Co-ordinator Rachel Marcuse, and I met with representatives of Youth Vital Signs.  Youth Vital Signs is a youth-driven research and public opinion initiative that gives a fresh voice to the experience and knowledge of Vancouver youth.  It’s primary purpose is to increase the influence of youth in public policy and community investment decisions by conducting a survey leading to a Youth Vital Signs report similar to the Vital Signs report which surveyed primarily adults that was released earlier this week.  It is being conducted by a Youth Leadership Council comprised of fifteen diverse youth from across the city, with support from the Vancouver Foundation. 

The survey is being conducted during the municipal election period (ending Nov 15), which should heighten awareness of civic issues.  As a candidate, I very much support this initiative because the final report – expected in Feb 2009 – will provide the Vancouver Park Board and other elected municipal bodies with a "youth lens" similar to the gender and other lenses that I wrote about yesterday. 

The survey is being distributed both in hard copy and on the internet.  Coming soon to youth all over Vancouver!