In response to the recent announcement by the provincial government that municipal council terms will be lengthened by one year starting in the fall, the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) says it creates, among other problems, an unfair situation for new candidates considering running.

COPE spokesperson Tim Louis is “strongly opposed” to the decision, saying it reduces public input on elections and undermines the democratic process.

“The less frequent municipal elections occur, the easier it is for deep-pocketed parties to purchase the outcome and the less accountable politicians become,” said Louis.

“As a party committed to real democracy and a level playing field at election time, we are disappointed with the province’s announcement,” he continued, adding that it was only in 1990 that a three-year term was introduced, up from the previous two.

Louis is also concerned about the lack of movement on campaign finance reform.

“The real issue now is that corporations can still donate unlimited sums of money to political parties. This is what people really care about,” Louis continued.

Four year council terms and lack of campaign finance rules a detriment to democracy