women’s ski jumping to Olympics, says Cadman

skijumpCOPE Cllr David Cadman says
women ski jumpers should be allowed to participate in the 2010 winter Olympics.

"It is ironic that as
we approach International Women’s Day, we are even having this debate,"
said Cadman. "One of the Olympic principles is equality, yet VANOC appears
to be caving to the International Olympic Committee’s antediluvian attitude
towards women ski jumpers.

"It is a disgrace that VANOC
and the IOC use public money to build a ski jump that can only be used by men
and is closed to women."

The IOC refused a request by
Canadian women’s ski jumpers to participate in 2010, despite support by the
federal and provincial government to include women jumpers.

IOC president Jacques Rogge
claims women’s ski jumping hasn’t achieved Olympic status because it has only
80 competitors worldwide.

But former Salt Lake City
Mayor, and president of US Women’s Ski Jumping, Deedee Corradini, says Rogge’s
numbers are off. "Norway alone has between 500 and 600 ski jumpers
and the US
another 150."


cram City Hall to oppose Sam Sullivan’s EcoDensity plan

After the first night of
public hearings on Mayor Sam Sullivan’s EcoDensity plan on February 26, fewer
than a dozen speakers managed to make their way to the microphones.

People cheered when COPE
Cllr David Cadman questioned local architect Peter Busby’s dismissal of lane
houses as "unviable density."

While the vast majority of
the more than 150 delegations on the speakers list opposed EcoDensity, some
notable figures including Friends of Larry Campbell founder and now developer
lobbyist Jim Green, and former Vancouver mayor Mike Harcourt, showed up to back
Sullivan’s proposal.

Top city planner Brent
Toderian said the current EcoDensity plan is just a draft and he wants staff to
go back to their drawing boards to produce a third version to come back to
Council later this year. That has the 30-group Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable
Vancouver concerned.

"If the City insists on
proceeding with a third draft, which would override the central
recommendations from our 30 neighbourhood groups to completely withdraw and
start with a new process, the City must at the very least proceed through a
round of substantial public consultations," said former COPE Cllr Anne
Roberts, an activist with Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver.

further opportunity for public comment should include the revised draft to
be sent out well in advance to all persons who have expressed interest,
with extended adequate time to carefully consider the revisions, and to meet
again with staff. It should then be referred to a public
hearing special meeting scheduled at night when most people would be able
to attend."

While further hearings are
scheduled to hear all the delegations, Council is not expected to make any
decision on EcoDensity until Toderian reports back to Council.


choose Spencer Herbert as unsung hero

Spencer Herbert Unsung HeroThe readers of Vancouver‘s The Westender have chosen COPE Park
Commissioner Spencer Herbert as Vancouver‘s
unsung hero.

Described as "young,
blonde and eco-friendly," in the weekly’s February 28 issue, Spencer is
credited with "advocating for the City to purchase the False Creek gas
barge and demanding that City Hall give the Parks Department its share of money
saved during last summer’s civic strike."

Spencer’s comments on
hearing of his award, "That’s hilarious. I am truly humbled and honoured,
but there are so many people out there who deserve it more than I do."


calls for Park Board chairperson to step down

COPE Park Commissioners Loretta Woodcock and Spencer Herbert
say Vancouver Park Board chairperson Korina Houghton overstepped her bounds
when she committed the Park Board to backing Mayor Sam Sullivan’s EcoDensity
plan, and should now step down as chairperson of the Park Board.

"Commissioner Houghton
should have brought this to the Board for discussion and approval before
committing to specific actions in Mayor Sullivan’s EcoDensity proposals,"
said Woodcock. "As the Park Board has not developed a position on
EcoDensity, it is irresponsible for Houghton to commit the Board to a plan that
we have not considered, and that has yet to be passed by City Council."

At the February 26 Special
Council Meeting on EcoDensity, Houghton spoke as "Chair of the Vancouver
Park Board" and said, "The Park Board is ready to work together with
the City to utilize the opportunities provided by EcoDensity."

Sullivan’s controversial
EcoDensity scheme has pitted local residents, community groups and a city-wide
coalition of 23 neighbourhood organizations against Sullivan’s plan which they
say will lead to a loss of affordable housing and create denser, high-price
neighbourhoods, but without adequate amenities such as parks and transit.

misrepresented the Board’s views," said Herbert. "The Board has never
voted to support, or work with the city on EcoDensity, and yet she claims the
Park Board’s support. As chair she has
lost my confidence."

Earlier this week, for the
first time in a decade, park commissioners voted to reject City Council cuts to
the Park Board’s operating budget. Woodcock, who was instrumental in opposing
the cuts, argued that Sullivan’s spending on his "pet projects like EcoDensity
and civil city is reckless, and that the Park Board is not in the mood to
accept efficiency reductions while that kind of spending is taking place at
city hall."

Houghton has come out
publicly in support of Sullivan, while Park Board vice-chair, NPA Commissioner
Ian Robertson, is backing Cllr Peter Ladner.

Support for EcoDensity is
seen as a marker in the struggle between Sullivan and his council rival Ladner
for the NPA mayoral nod in this November’s election.


Woodcock leads revolt at Parks Board

(From The Province –
Tuesday, February 26, 2008)
– The Vancouver Parks Board voted down
its own proposed budget last night — refusing to make $350,000 in cuts the
city asked for and demanding Mayor Sam Sullivan instead cut back on one of his
own "pet projects."

Commissioner Loretta Woodcock, who led the rebellion, cited Sullivan’s
EcoDensity and Civil
initiatives, and a
recent vote by his NPA caucus to spend $750,000 in public money for private
security guards to patrol downtown business districts, as projects he could

COPE Commissioner Spencer Herbert joined her in a tied vote that meant the
$59-million budget will go back to city managers for further discussions.

city initially asked the board to trim $800,000 from its budget. Parks board
staff negotiated that down to about $350,000.

staff report accompanying the budget warned that the resulting operating budget
was still extremely "tight" and would require careful monitoring.

insisted, under repeated questioning, that the cuts could be made without
cutting service levels or full- or part-time staff.

opposition commissioners weren’t convinced.

that the $350,000 in cuts would fund an average community centre for a year,
Woodcock insisted Sullivan "reduce his budget, not ours."

argued that maintenance of parks and community centres was already underfunded
and that, even if cuts could be made, the money should be used for parks programs.

consultations on the city budget are now under way and include the
just-rejected parks budget. It was unclear last night whether city staff will
include information about last night’s budget vote during the consultations.


parents concerned about plans to replace heritage schools

Vancouver School Board plan to replace heritage status General Gordon
with a new,
smaller building is raising concerns among parents.

General Gordon, one of 16 older schools slated for seismic upgrading, will cost
more than $16.2 million to upgrade. Replacing the structure, an option School
Board staff are pushing for, would cost $12.5 million.

COPE School Trustees support General
Gordon’s Parent Advisory Committee who want to keep the heritage building.

voted to support Gordon’s PAC in

efforts to preserve the more generous space over a seismically upgraded
replacement school with more limited space," said COPE Trustee Al Blakey.
"I commended the parents when they came before a Board Committee seeking
Board support."

Vancouver listed General Gordon and other old Vancouver schools on its
2008 Top Ten Endangered Sites list.

board chair Clarence Hansen claims the VSB has few options because of the
provincial government’s preference for selecting the cheapest option.

doesn’t mean we can’t delay and we can’t keep negotiating, but the inevitable
decision is with the province," said Hansen.


COPE is hiring a Fundraiser

In preparation for the 2008 municipal election, COPE is hiring a
fundraiser. For the posting and more information, please go to


is on YouTube!

out our new COPE YouTube channel, which Community TV activist and COPE
executive member, Sid Tan, has created. We have a video of our Valentine’s Day
event as well as material from our Ideas
Conference: A Vancouver
for Everyone.

You Tube is at:

Want to get involved in COPE video work? Contact Rachel at


Cabaret politique: An interactive evening of live music, comedy,
theatre, dance and surprise

Get your tickets fast! This event is a sure sellout. On March 7th
we will have an event unlike any other event in the history of Vancouver politics. The Work Less Party,
Civic Greens and COPE are organizing a cabaret for you.

Performers include:
Crucial Taunt
Toot a Lute
Maria in the Shower

Where: Cambrian Hall, 215
East 17th.

Cost: Sliding scale $15-$25

Dress code: "Cabaret" (interpret at will!)

Tickets are available by contacting the COPE office at
604-255-0400 or at the door.


Dim Sum luncheon “meet and
greet”- meeting locals and immigrant communities

What could be better than a delicious meal with friends? How about the
opportunity to make some new friends? This is a good opportunity for new comers
to meet locals who are active in different levels of local government and
community organizations. I hope this luncheon will facilitate exchanges,
dialogues, mutual learning, networking between individuals as well as between
organizations, particularly to enhance understanding and support of the
immigrant communities.

Past participants includes Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative
Assembly, City Councillors, School Board Trustees, Park Board Commissioners,
community representatives, community workers, teachers, new immigrants, and
even a lord from England (Unlike Conrad Black, he is among us and you would
have never guessed who that person is), etc.

There will be a variety of delicious choices to choose from, including an array
of vegetarian and seafood dishes. Invite your friends, relatives, and
neighbours along with you.

Date and Time: Saturday, March 1, 2008, 11 am

Where: Rich Ocean Restaurant, 777 West Broadway (by Willow),
(parking underground, bring receipt stub for refund)

Cost: $15 per person, all inclusive. Financial assistance for people with
financial difficulties.

RSVP: Meena Wong at or call 604-603-7447 (limited seating,
please book early)

(please feel free to spread the word)

Below is the Chinese version


我們熱忱地邀請您參加 31(星期六) 的粵式點心午餐。 有什麼能比享受一頓可口的美食又可以和朋友歡聚一堂更好? 這更是一個和活躍在市政府及不同社區團體的本地加拿大人見面的好機會。 午餐的目的是提供一個機會促進新移民對本地社會、社團的了解, 增進本地社會、社團對移民社區需要的理解和提供適當援助。


日期和時間: 31, 星期六, 上午11
地點: 海富海洋酒家, 777 西 Broadway ( Willow 交界), 溫哥華 (地下停車處, 帶來收據截尾部分可退款)

費用: 每人 $15 。經濟有困難的可獲资助。

坐位有限, 請盡早訂位, 王璐 (Meena) 電子郵件 ( 604-603-7447)


Feb 29 2008 Newsletter

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