Two Education Rallies

Your COPE school trustees are expecting unprecedented education cuts as part of the next Provincial budget. Please come out to show your support at two rallies in the coming days.


Bayview Elementary PAC’s Parent Rally for Education

When: Sunday,
February 28th, 2010
Time: 10 am
Where: Connaught Park
field at Kits High – 11th Avenue & Vine)


Help Our Public Education System and Deliver Real Equity And Meaningful Support
Every Vancouver teacher and student will be affected by the huge projected deficit of the Vancouver School Board.
When: Monday, March 1st , 2010
Time: 3:30 – 4:30 pm
Where: Education Minister’s Office
1200 Block of W. Broadway, Vancouver
Your Chance to be Heard!


Councillor Woodsworth to bring anti-discrimination motion to council next week

Only days before the Olympic closing ceremonies, Councillor Woodsworth
is trying to bring attention to issues of racism and discrimination that
affect cities. While the opening ceremonies were considered by many not
to be sufficiently culturally inclusive, Woodsworth is hoping the
closing ceremonies will be more representative. She is bringing a motion
to council next week to endorse a national campaign initiated by the
Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination.
The full motion can be seen here:

According to Woodsworth,  “the City of Vancouver, as one of the most
diverse cities in Canada —  if not the world — has the opportunity to
join other major cities by becoming a member of the Canadian Coalition
of Municipalities against Racism and Discrimination. The opening
ceremonies made the majority of our citizens invisible during the
lighting of the torch, carrying of the flag and in other significant
roles — demonstrating that, once again, systemic racism is often

Woodsworth is hoping the City of Vancouver will take a public stand to
express its strong and ongoing commitment to fight racism.


"Bloedel can be a green building inside and out"

COPE Commissioner Loretta Woodcock is asking Vision Vancouver to signal their support in keeping Bloedel’s geodesic dome intact as a legacy building for Vancouver. Recently the Vancouver Park Board issued a Request for Expressions of Interest to seek business cases or concepts for the future use of the facility, in order to address the Bloedel Conservatory’s deficit operating budget.

"While Park Board is actively pursuing increasing Bloedel’s operating revenues it should simultataneously be seeking funding to improve the energy efficiency of the building, thereby reducing costs" states Woodcock. " Currently utility costs are over $150,000 annually.  If the Park Board is serious about not dismantling the Bloedel facility then it needs to send that message to the public by making the effort to locate and leverage whatever grant dollars it can secure to improve the energy efficiency of this building".

Woodcock will be presenting a motion at the March 1st park board meeting, asking PB staff to locate and leverage grant dollars to improve the energy efficiency of Bloedel which includes seeking alternative energy grants through the federal and provincial governments. There are alternative energy options such as photo voltaic, solar, geothermal, or air source heat pumps, that can be researched. According to Woodcock, "Bloedel can be made a green building, inside and out". The full text of the motion is below. 


True Sport motion coming to Council and Park Board

Your COPE representatives will be bringing motions to City Council and Park Board encouraging both bodies to become part of "True Sport", a national movement for sport and community. The motion includes developing an integrated community sport plan aimed at providing accessible, quality sport experiences to all community members. While it is a late motion, not yet online, more about "True Sport" can be found at here:

Feb 26, 2010: Two education rallies, anti-discrimination motion, Bloedel and True Sport

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